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Valorant Sunset Map Guide: Layout, callouts, best agents

Sunset is Valorant's tenth map.

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Sunset is a map in Valorant which was released on Aug. 29, 2023. It is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Sunset Map Layout

Despite its size, Sunset is an easy map to memorize. However, with two Bombsites, A and B, most of the action is located on B Main and A Main.

Keeping this in mind, it's important to know how to move around those parts of the map. To move and rotate between bombs, you will have to use the Mid Courtyard. Here, both teams often meet in the early stages of the round.

Overall, Sunset is a map that's easy to understand. It doesn't have any complicated features like Bind, which includes teleporters, or Split, which includes rope ascenders. Sunset is a map that's easy to remember, and you will quickly fall in love with it.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A is the smallest. With attackers coming from A Lobby, most of the action focuses on A Main and the Mid area.

When approaching A, attackers want to secure A Elbow as soon as possible. It's easy to hold the Spike once you have got that area. With A being far away from the Mid Courtyard, it's difficult for defenders to rotate there once the Spike has been planted.

Bombsite B

Meanwhile, Bombsite B is the biggest. However, the offensive team can only plant the Spike inside a very specific area.

When attacking this Bombsite, you must take over B Main. Later on, place utility to avoid late flanks. B Boba is also an important area to perform a successful push, as it connects B with Mid and A. Finally, B Market connects the Bombsite with the Mid Courtyard.

With this being the biggest Bombsite, many angles can be helpful to the defenders who try to play the retake. Meanwhile, attackers will probably try to protect the Spike from B Main; hence why we mentioned the importance of taking over such an area.

The importance of Mid Courtyard

Securing Mid is extremely important for both sides as it makes things easy when trying to rotate between bombs. However, protecting it is a difficult task.

With this area being connected to both Bombsited and the bottom and upper parts of the map, holding it is complicated.

Sunset Callouts

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Defenders spawn in the upper part of the map, which is directly connected to B Boba, Mid Top, A Link, and A Alley. From Mid Top, defenders can try to stop the attackers from taking over Mid Courtyard. From B Boba and A Alley, defenders can attempt to hold the Bombsites for as long as they can.

Meanwhile, the attackers' spawn is connected to B Lobby and A Lobby, which connect to B Main and A Main, respectively.

Mid Courtyard is the heart of the map. It is connected to B Market and Mid Tiles. It's worth mentioning that players can't close the door that connects B Market with Mid Courtyard, which can be helpful (or not) in a potential retake scenario.

What are the best agents to play Sunset?

With close-distance gunfights and the size of the map in mind, we have picked five agents that can be useful to secure wins when playing Sunset!


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Sentinels are a crucial part on Sunset, as late flanks are something to be very worried about. Her Turret, her Nanoswarms, and her Alarmbot are perfect for those situations.

At the same time, her Ultimate is one of the best in the game. Being able to Detain enemy agents is an excellent ability, especially when it comes to retake situations.


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We have decided to add a second Sentinel to the list. Cypher's intel-gathering gadgets can stop the attackers from performing late flanks.

His Ultimate, which only requires six Ultimate Points, can give you the location of every opponent on the map for a brief period. Use it wisely!


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Sunset is a map with a lot of corners and rooms that must be cleared. Skye, who has healing and flashing abilities, is a perfect pick.


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Jett is the perfect Duelist in Sunset. Her speed and her Updraft allow her to climb up to locations no one else can, which helps her create unexpected gunfight angles.


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Finally, if you want to bring a Controller, you can go with Brimstone. His abilities allow him to support himself and his teammates from a safe distance across the whole map. At the same time, his Stim Beacon comes in handy as he can boost the stats of his team.

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