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Valorant Premier: How it works, divisions, and everything you need to know

A brief introduction on the Premier mode

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Premier is the mode that Valorant players looking to breakthrough into the top competitive esports scene should go. In other words, this is a special section available to all players who want to get involved in more serious competitions than what's offered on Ranked.

If you haven't heard or tried this mode yet, we have gathered all the essential information so you can start your preparations.

How does it work?

The mode allows you to create a team and compete in a semi-professional league, which you can use to qualify for Premier-specific tournaments or even to get a chance to qualify for Challengers, the second division of Valorant esports just below the VCT.

To start, you will need to access the Premier hub from the main menu and create a team. The process is very straightforward and all you need to know is to make sure that every member has an account qualified to do so.

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After creating a team and inviting every player to join, the game will show you a provisional division. It is worth noting that Premier has its unique divisions, different from the ones shown in Ranked.

This provisional division is calculated based on the MMR of the five best players on the team, with the maximum amount of members being seven. The division will update whenever there is a roster or zone change.

Once the team plays its first match of the season, the division will be locked and the team will stay there until the next Act (Stage or Season). Since this is more like an amateur league, teams can only play two matches per week and the game has some safeguards to avoid pairing you with the same team twice in a Stage, unless there aren't enough players.

Teams with a Premier score of 675 or more in their division will get to qualify for the Playoffs, which take place at the end of each stage. Every Stage usually lasts the same as an Act or an in-game Season. Each division will have its own Playoff tournament, which is played within a day using a bracket format and features a map pick-and-ban system.

Only the players from the Contender division of Premier will have a chance to qualify for the Challengers league of their region through the Playoffs. To be part of the Contender division, players on a team need an Immortal 3 rank or higher.


There are only two requirements for your account to be able to join a Premier team. The first one is to verify your account via SMS verification, so you'll need a phone number that is not associated with a different account.

The second requirement is that you need to have done your placement matches in Ranked to get an MMR, which will help the game when deciding the provisional division of your team.

Players who have received a ban, Vanguard Intervention, Ranked Restriction, or Comms Restriction in the last 30 days won't be able to join a team. And if one of those things happens to you while playing Premier, you will be banned for the rest of the Stage.


There are only 5 divisions in Premier, with most of them divided into 5 levels. Here is the full list of divisions:

  • Contender
  • Elite 1-5
  • Advanced 1-5
  • Intermediate 1-5
  • Open 1-5

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