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Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 - Release date, New weapons, and more!

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 is around the corner.

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Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 1 will include a tone of new content, including a new operator, new cosmetics, balancing changes, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 1!

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Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 - Release Date

As revealed by Riot on a blog post, Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 will be released on Jan. 10 at 7 PM ET.

With the deployment of Valorant Episode 8 Act 1, Episode 7 will conclude. Throughout Episode 7, we saw the arrival of the agents Gecko, Deadlock, and Iso. Now, it’s time to move on with the new chapter of the game.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 - Battle Pass

While there’s not much information about the upcoming Battle Pass, players should expect a similar Battle Pass to the one seen in Episode 7 Act 1. The Battle Pass will include weapon skins, and a wide range of other in-game cosmetics.

New Weapon - Outlaw Sniper

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 is expected to include a new gun called Outlaw Sniper. It will be the third sniper in the game, alongside Marshal and Operator.

The Outlaw Sniper is presented as the most powerful sniper in the game, which is likely to end with the half-shield meta. According to the rumors, the Outlaw Sniper will cost 2,400 and will kill half-shield agents with a single shot.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 - New Cosmetics

As expected, new cosmetics will be included with the release of Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. Here’s everything we know so far regarding future weapon skins.

Kuronami Vandal

The Kuronami Vandal will be a skin for the Vandal, one of the most reliable rifles in Valorant. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet how much the Kuronami Vandal will cost.

As of now, the Vandal costs 2.900 credits. If you like hitting those one-taps, this could be one of the best guns to get during the Buy Phase!

Will a new map be released with Valorant Episode 8 Act 1?

With the newest map released to Valorant being Sunset, which came to the game on Aug. 29, we expect a new map to be launched with Valorant Episode 8.

Unfortunately, this is just a wild guess. As of now, there’s no information about a possible new map coming to Valorant.

Will a new agent be released with Valorant Episode 8 Act 1?

As we mentioned earlier, 2023 saw the arrival of three agents, Gecko, Deadlock, and Iso. We expect Riot to keep up with the pace seen throughout this year, so not seeing a new agent heading to 2024 could let some fans down.

While there’s the chance we start the new year without a new agent, we highly doubt it. Starting the year with new weapons, a new map, and a new agent, would be the best way to start 2024 with a blast!

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