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Valorant Brimstone Agent Guide: Abilities, tips and tricks

Brimstone is one of the first Controllers to be released in Valorant.

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Brimstone is a Valorant agent and one of the first Controllers to be released to the game. Brimstone has been in Valorant since the release of its Closed Beta.


Brimstone has access to four different abilities, including two basic abilities, one signature, and one ultimate. Here's a look at all of them:

Basic - Steam Beacon

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Brimstone's Steam Beacon creates a space where players receive a speed boost and a Combat Stim, which increases stats like reloading and recovery speed, and fire rate.

Basic - Incendiary

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Incendiary allows Brimstone to throw a fire grenade that creates an area of flames, which stay on the floor for seven seconds. The fire will damage any enemy that steps on it.

Signature - Sky Smoke

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Brimstone's Signature ability is Sky Smoke. This ability allows Brimstone to smoke certain parts of the map. By doing that, you can create smoke screens to disorientate your enemies or to provide your teammates with some cover.

Ultimate - Orbital Strike

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Orbitral Strike allows Brimstone to use a tactical map, similar to the one he uses when Sky Smoke is deployed. When the ability is activated, Orbital Strike takes away HP from the enemies in the area.

How to use Brimstone in Valorant?

The American agent is one of the most important characters in Valorant. His smokes are one of the most popular gadgets as they provide vital coverage for Brimstone's teammates.

Here are some tips on how to use Brimstone in Valorant!

Use smokes to fake plant

Brimstone can deploy his smoke clouds from long distances. This means that Brimstone's smoke clouds can be used from many parts of the map.

Deploying some of his smokes on one bomb while planting on the other is a good way of catching the opponents off-guard, who will have to retake the site.

Use Orbital Strike after planting

Brimstone's Orbital Strike is deadly and it gives him the chance of protecting the Spike from a safe distance. When there's not much time on the clock, Brimstone can use his Orbital Strike to interrupt a potential defusing animation. This will force the enemy to run away from the Spike, go back, and re-start the defuse animation. Remember, playing with your enemies' time is crucial in Valorant!

Don't forget about your Steam Beacon

Many Brimstone players forget about their Steam Beacon. Yes, that still happens.

The Steam Beacon is a great gadget that all of your teammates can use. The speed boost and the combat stim will buff both your and your teammate's abilities while making you stronger when facing a potential push from your opponents. If you leave your Steam Beacon in your pocket, nothing will happen! You must use it!

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