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Usain Bolt's esports team WYLDE joins Siege's Europe League as Natus Vincere leaves

WYLDE will be in the first edition of the Europe League.

Banner image: Natus Vincere

Usain Bolt's esports team WYLDE have joined the European League as the organization will fill the spot left by Natus Vincere.

Moreover, WYLDE have signed the former Natus Vincere players of Edoardo "T3b" Treglia and Jesse "Jeggz" Ojanen. Meanwhile, the remaining Na'Vi members of Jordan "Kayak" Morley, Jake "Leadr" Fortunato, Jamie "Skiddie" Diamond, and Alonso "ALO" Díez, have now been "granted free agent status" despite their "ongoing contracts."

Natus Vincere joined the Rainbow Six Siege in Mar. 2019 with the acquisition of the former roster of Mock-it Esports. In June of the same year, the team changed its players as they acquired MNM Gaming's Siege squad, which was led by Jack "Doki" Robertson and Ben "CTZN" McMillan. Later on, the players won the Pro League Season 10 Finals played in Tokoname, Japan.

Since then, the team only qualified for three international competitions, including the Six Mexico Major and the Six Invitationals played in 2020 and 2022. 

Natus Vincere's departure will be compensated with WYLDE's arrival. Usain Bolt's esports team had a great 2022 season, finishing in 5th - 6th place of the EU Challenger League and in first of the GSA League. 

However, the team's biggest honor so far was at the Gamers8 played in Aug. 2022. Approximately, the team got $155,000 for reaching the semi-finals of the competition, and an extra $100,000 for only competing.

WYLDE's roster then defeated Team Liquid and Spacestation Gaming by scores of 2-0 and 2-1, respectively. Eventually, the German squad would fall against the MENA lineup of Team Falcons.

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