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Ubisoft: Mouse and keyboard usage reduced by 78% in Siege on console with MouseTrap

MouseTrap is here to stay.

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Ubisoft announced at the Six Invitational 2023 a new feature to prevent console players from using mouse and keyboard on Rainbow Six Siege.

Developers focused on MouseTrap after years of complaints from Siege’s console community, as mouse and keyboard makes it easier to aim and shoot.

MouseTrap’s arrival to Rainbow Six Siege has been a huge success. But, how has Ubisoft’s new tool changed Siege’s experience on console for the better.

Here we have a look at the details announced by Ubisoft earlier today:

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Mouse and keyboard usage reduced on console Siege

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According to Ubisoft, mouse and keyboard usage on consoles has been reduced by 78%.

On Rainbow Six Siege Ranked, Ubisoft admits that MouseTrap has reduced the usage of mouse and keyboard by 73%.

Undoubtedly, this is a great win for Rainbow Six Siege’s ecosystem on consoles. Before, it was impossible for legit console players to not face mouse and keyboard cheaters on high ranks. Now, console players are back on track.

According to Ubisoft, MouseTrap has pushed 43% of its players to switch back to controller. With this change, Ubisoft expects to “restore competition balance and fair play.”

What is MouseTrap?

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MouseTrap is a Ubisoft feature introduced to Rainbow Six Siege’s Console versions to locate and weaken the effectiveness of mouse and keyboard on both PlayStation and XBOX.

MouseTrap successfully tracks the players using mouse and keyboard, giving them lag that affects the way the user aims.

After some games played with mouse and keyboard, the lag increases to a point where mouse and keyboard players no longer have an advantage over console players.

With this system, mouse and keyboard players can’t make it far on the Ranked list as when they get to the high ranks MouseTrap has already weakened them enough.

Is playing mouse and keyboard on console Siege cheating?

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Yes, playing mouse and keyboard on console in Rainbow Six Siege is cheating.

Playing Rainbow Six Siege with a controller is very difficult, as it’s hard to aim as precisely and as quickly as on PC. Playing with a mouse and a keyboard makes it easier for players to imitate the PC meta, which is quicker and more fragging based.

Now, with MouseTrap, players can’t use mouse and keyboard for a long period of time.

It’s fair to say that Ubisoft’s job at stopping mouse and keyboard players has been excellent!

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