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Two EUL Week 4 storylines: Still shots for underdog teams, final playday potential drama set

This is going to be a table-setting week for most bubble teams.

Image via Ubisoft/@kirill_b

Playday 7 in the European League will be a bit of a "table-setting" day for the stage's finale. While there are important games on in the fourth week, the fifth week is where we could begin seeing monumental shifts in the standings. 

By the end of the week, we should have at least two teams qualified for the Charlotte Major

Should some things shake out in Heroic and Rogue's favor, their clash on Playday 9 might be a little diminished, as both teams will be qualified for the Major. Heroic is all but confirmed, and Rogue should be all but confirmed after both Playdays are complete. Both teams could be qualified as early as the end of Playday 7. 

The final playday should see at least two spots open. Who will fill those slots? Well, that depends on how the next two days shake out. 

Qualification scenarios for "bubble" teams will get clearer

With three games left, there are far too many factors to be able to say definitively what EUL teams, outside of Heroic and Rogue, need to qualify.

For starters, the teams with realistic striking chances with three games left are: Team Secret, Natus Vincere, Looking For Org, G2, BDS, and Outsiders.

If those teams are going to make it to the final day, they'll need points, but the amount will vary. NAVI have no room for error, a regulation loss on Playday 7 means they'd need a minor miracle to qualify. Secret are in this boat as well, they can ill afford another loss if they're looking to qualify by finishing in the top four. 

Fortunately for Secret, they control a bit more of their destiny than others. They play one of the teams ahead of them this week: BDS. However, just one loss would likely crater their chances. 

NAVI have a chance to get some relatively easy points against MNM on Playday 8, but to get to that point they need to beat LFO on Playday 7. 

Outsiders have a solid shot, but have yet to play Rogue, Heroic, and MNM. Needing a win against the number one team in the league is a daunting task. 

G2 and BDS have strong chances, but only one of them is likely to make it through. LFO is above them in the standings and has PWNZ, Heroic, and NAVI next up. 

The final day G2 vs. BDS game could potentially mean Major qualification for one of the teams involved. Looking at both of their schedules, both are likely to win out with anywhere from four to six points. Should no upsets happen, this game will be the game of the stage in terms of sheer ramifications. 

However, the way the schedule shakes out, there likely won't be any kind of resolution to the logjam of teams fighting for a Major spot this week.