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Supr to retire from competitive Siege after Berlin Major

He calls time on a long career.

Image: Ubisoft/Joao F.

Seth "supr" Hoffman has announced that he will be retiring from competitive Siege following the conclusion of the Six Berlin Major. This ends a five-year playing career in Siege for him and leaves an in-game-leader spot open on the Soniqs.

Supr has been competing in Rainbow Six tournaments ever since the Vegas and Vegas 2 games came out and made his professional R6: Siege debut back in 2017 on eRa Eternity. Five months after joining the team, he attended the 2018 Six Invitational after winning the open qualifiers before exiting in joint-last place, as eRa became the second roster to ever lose to an APAC opponent. 

A few months after leaving the roster, supr then founded the “Elephant Gang” roster, which would eventually turn into the Soniqs team. 

EGang qualified for the NA Challenger League only for supr to leave for a two-month-long stint on Rogue during which time he finished as runners-up at DreamHack Montreal, and qualified for the Season 8 Finals. 

At the end of 2018, he rejoined eGang, with the roster joining the Soniqs organization in March of 2019. While the team has seen numerous reshuffles, he has remained here ever since. 

After a runners-up finish in Season 9 of the Challenger League, the team finally won promotion to the Pro League, only to be relegated the following season by the roster later known as eUnited. Following this, the team opted not to compete in the Challenger League for Season 11 as the organization bought a license for the North American League at the beginning of the 2020 season. 

Seen by many as the “best-of-the-rest” in 2020, with back-to-back fifth-place finishes in the US Division, Soniqs then replaced the entire team except for supr with the then ex-eUnited roster. While this move was universally condemned from the outside, it became a massive success as the team won the 2021 NA League Finals and attended the Mexico and Sweden Majors. 

While the team struggled internationally at these Majors, this changed at SI 2022, as they finished fifth-sixth place in the world. They lost to the eventual runners-up, Team Empire, and the reigning Major champions, FaZe Clan.

Since then, the team slumped down to eighth place during Stage 1 of the 2022 Season before bouncing back in Stage 2 with qualification to the Berlin Major.

While supr was, at times, one of the most mocked players in the North American League, he has also become one of the best-known and most well-liked figures in the community. One of his most impressive feats remains that he effectively transformed an ex-eUnited roster from a team that went five months without a professional victory to the North American champions. 

Now, with supr officially retiring after years of suggestions of such, this leaves the Soniqs in an awkward position as they look for a replacement in-game-leader after the Berlin Major. This is a role that’s hard to come by, with few players having anywhere near the amount of experience as supr. 

Nevertheless, after seemingly regaining their 2021 form, Soniqs should qualify for 2023 Six Invitational. This should give supr’s replacement the entirety of Stage 3 to settle into the team without missing out on the biggest event of the season. 

The Soniqs will next be in action at the Berlin Major, held from Aug. 15 to 21. Be sure to keep an eye out here at SiegeGG for all future roster changes, including who will join the reigning North American champions. 

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