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Stats of the week: Maia crowned player of the week, Nyx with 0.03 SiegeGG Attack Rating across two games

With Stage 2 now underway, here are some of the standout statistics behind the previous week of professional games.

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Following a short break since the Charlotte Major, the regional leagues are back! Here’s a rundown of some of the standout numbers behind this week’s results.

Player of the Week: Maia

With two playdays played, Team oNe’s Gabriel "Maia" Maia has a 1.95 SiegeGG Rating and a kill-death ratio over three. 16 kills to five deaths against 00 Nation followed by 18 kills to six deaths against INTZ makes his performance this weekend one of the most dominant seen in R6 history.

This comes just a month after he was somewhat of a letdown at the Charlotte Major where he secured just a 0.93 Rating with an entry record of 2-11. This was however while playing from Mexico City with a considerable ping disadvantage. During Stage 1 of the BR6 League Maia was the fourth-best player in the tournament marginally ahead of Team Liquid’s Luccas "Paluh" Molina.

Nyx at a 0.03 SiegeGG Attack Rating after two games

Despite being the most experienced player on the team, Mirage’s newest re-addition, Zachary "Nyx" Thomas, has had a rough first week of games. While he sits with the fourth-lowest overall SiegeGG Rating in the NA League at 0.61 when looking at just those players who played both of week one’s games, his struggles become most apparent when looking at his offensive performance.

Across the eight rounds on attack Nyx has played against TSM and XSET, he currently sits on a 0.03 Rating with zero kills to eight deaths, two of which were opening deaths. He also has a zero percent KOST meaning he wasn’t traded in any of those rounds and he has got down no defuser plants. Statistically, he has made no positive impact for his team in offensive rounds.

To his credit, this doesn’t measure the help he’s provided in callouts, utility clear, setups, or drone work, and he tops the team on the defence with a 1.03 rating ahead of his closest teammate on 1.02. Furthermore, despite these numbers, Mirage is arguably doing better on the attack than defence as they won two offensive rounds compared to three on the defense, with two of these three being due to clutch plays; a 1v2 from Nyx himself and a 1v3 from Emma "Marmalade" Peterson.

Next week Mirage is set to face Astralis and SSG which should be a very difficult challenge.

Rookie Watch

This week a total of six players made their professional debuts across the NA League, Brasileirão, APAC South, and APAC North Leagues, with four more set to debut in the EUL later today. Here’s how they faired in their first games:

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The BR6 has been the home to some of the biggest breakout stars of the last few years with Brazilians winning the last two SiegeGG Rookie of the Year awards. This stage only a single roster change happened as the ex-Team oNe Academy player, Gustavo "Wizard" Gomes, joined Ninjas in Pyjamas.

In his debut game Wizard showed why NiP took the chance on him as, while the team lost 3-7 against Liquid, Wizard hit a 1.34 SiegeGG Rating, the fifth-highest of the day. He then followed it up with a 1.11 rating against MIBR being bested only by Gabriel "pino" Fernandes. This puts him as the only player on NiP with a positive kill-death split after week one.

It’s still extremely early in the stage but Wizard’s shown that he’s a player to keep a very close eye on.

North American League:

The NAL’s two new players were Mirage’s Tyler "Kento" Ross and Parabellum’s Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff who ended week one with ratings of 0.63 and 1.14, respectively.

While Gunnar was the lowest-rated player in PBLM’s shock win over Astralis, he more than made up for this in his debut match as he secured 19 kills against OxG on the fairly odd operator choices of Lion and Kapkan. Unfortunately for him, Parabellum still lost 8-7, however, these two results more than proved that Parabellum is here to play this stage.

Kento meanwhile had a less successful debut as he finished third and fourth on his struggling team while playing as Finka and the team’s primary entry.

APAC North League:

After a weak start to the year, six teams made player changes coming into Stage 2, two of which included adding rookie players.

Starting with Talon, they added both Seokhyun "Marb1e" Yun and Sangyeong "Misa" Hong. In their single game played so far, Marb1e on Finka earnt just a single extra kill than the Thermite-main, Misa. Misa did, however, suffer four opening deaths to zero opening kills. Overall, the team was remarkably balanced with all ratings spread between 1.11 and 1.00 during their 8-6 win over FAV.

Fnatic, meanwhile, added Miyamoto "Siru" Masashi who was the team’s best performing player despite playing on Hibana and Castle. Nevertheless, he only secured a 0.99 SiegeGG Rating as the team lost 4-7 to DWG Kia.

APAC South League:

While three teams made player changes, none of these included rookie players as the South East Asian teams rotated players between each other.

European League:

While the EUL hasn’t yet begun, the league will include four rookies to keep an eye out for; Rogue’s William "Spoit" Löfstedt who faces MNM Gaming tonight, PWNZ’s Nikita "Niko" Rusyaev who debuts against Heroic, and both Secret’s Lucas "Savage" Alves and NAVI’s Jamie "Skiddy" Diamond who will face off against each other.

Savage and Skiddy most recently met prior to this in the UKIN Division 2 Finals in February in which Savage’s TENSTAR came out ahead.

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