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Spacestation Gaming signs Yeti from Soniqs

Yeti will reunite with Luke as SSG hopes to bounce back from ninth.

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After trialling Lorenzo "Dexter" for the role, Spacestation Gaming has found their permanent replacement for Alexander "Skys" Magor in the Soniqs' Alexander "Yeti" Lawson.

After winning Pro League relegations on three occasions and competing on rosters such as Noble, Disrupt, and briefly, Obey Alliance, Yeti was a part of eUnited's first lineup in R6.

This team had an awful 2020 as they finished in seventh, eighth, and eighth before the organization dropped the team and left the scene somewhat abruptly. Yeti and three of his teammates were then picked up by the Soniqs and in 2021 they attended the Mexican and Sweden Majors before becoming NAL champions.

This year after a fifth-sixth place finish at the Six Invitational, the Soniqs failed to qualify for the Charlotte Major and were the first team to exit the Berlin Major.

Yeti will now make his way over to Spacestation Gaming, after Seth "supr" Hoffman also announced his retirement from playing the game competitively.

While SSG are best known for their 2020 Six Invitational title, they were also the only NA team to make it to the playoffs during both 2021 Six Majors. This year, however, they have slumped as they failed to qualify for the Charlotte or Berlin Majors, with a ninth place finish during Stage 2.

With a SI Points qualification to the 2023 Six Invitational now looking out of reach, they have opted to bring in Yeti for the final stage of 2022 and give themselves four months to adjust before the SI qualifiers.

This change will be reuniting Yeti with Spacestation's analyst, Luke "Luke" Slota, as the two previously worked together during Season 10 of the ESL Challenger League on Disrupt Gaming.

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