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South Korea League 2024 Stage 1 Preview: Everything you need to know

The South Korea League 2024 is starting this week.

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Another season of the South Korea League is kicking off today as the league will be the first top-flight competition to start in Year 9.

Here's everything you need to know about the South Korea League 2024 Stage 1:


The South Korea League 2024 has suffered changes from one season to another, with the most notable being the reduction of Major spots from three to two.

On top of that, the structure of the league has been tweaked as all teams have been put in the same group. Last year, the eight teams in the competition were first split into two groups of four teams.

In the South Korea League 2024, rosters will be drawn in an eight-team group where the top seed by the conclusion of the league will take the region's first seed. This stage will include a round-robin format and a modified GSL playoffs.

The next four best teams in the league (seeds second to fifth) will move to the region's Last Chance Qualifier, while the bottom three sides will drop to the Open Qualifier. The winner of the Last Chance Qualifier will get the region's second spot to compete in the BLAST R6 Major Manchester.


The South Korea League 2024 Stage 1 will kick off on Mar. 14 and will end on Apr. 13. One week later, the Last Chance Qualifiers will take place from Apr. 18 to Apr. 20.

SI Points

Here's how the SI Points will be divided across the ten teams competing in the South Korea League 2024 Stage 1:

  • 1st: 100 SI Points
  • 2nd: 95 SI Points
  • 3rd: 90 SI Points
  • 4th: 85 SI Points
  • 5th: 80 SI Points
  • 6th: 75 SI Points
  • 7th: 70 SI Points
  • 8th: 65 SI Points


Here's a brief look at all of the teams competing in the South Korea League 2024 Stage 1:


Although DPlus dominated South Korea in Year 8, the South Koreans' underwhelming performances outside their home region forced the organization to make deep changes.

The former mantis FPS, Cloud9, and SANDBOX Gaming player Kim "EnvyTaylor" Seong-soo joined the organization as the team's new head coach. Furthermore, the roster added EunSang and Im "saeyeora" Seung-hwan to the starting five.

Despite the changes, DPlus are still the favorites to lead in South Korea. However, will the organization be able to fulfill its goals at international competitions?


Both FearX and DPlus went through similar situations in Year 8. Despite getting the desired results in their home region and qualifying for international competitions, the yellow roster couldn't perform well abroad.

Before the start of the Six Invitational 2024, FearX announced some changes as the team was already thinking about the upcoming season. The organization welcomed Brazilian coach César "Dark" Adriano to the team and signed the former DWG KIA player Jang "RIN" Byeong-uk.

PSG Talon Esports

Heading to Year 9, Talon Esports have decided to go big in Rainbow Six Siege as the South Korean esports brand extended its partnership with PSG to Ubisoft's FPS. If that wasn't enough, the announcement was followed by the addition of the three-time Six Invitational champion Fabian "Fabian" Hällsten as the roster's new head coach.

With the Swedish in the team and the return of Lee "Soldier" Si-hyeon, the South Koreans look like DPlus and FearX's main threats in the fight for the first two spots.

Beyond Stratos Gaming

Beyond Stratos Gaming decided to make three roster changes as the organization only kept Choi "CrazyBoy" Min-ho and Kang "Vamos" Sang-eun.

While Hong "Dochi" Ji-ho and Kim "RuMaTick" Jang-wook will make their professional debuts later today, Kwak "Marine" Han-gyeol competed for LAVEGA Esports and BlossoM during the South Korea League 2023.


BlossoM's squad for the upcoming South Korea League is completely new to the one the organization had last year, with the team gathering a mix of players with different professional backgrounds.

Yoo "Crown" Seo-jin is the only player on the team with international experience, as he represented LAVEGA Esports at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen.

Mir Gaming

Mir Gaming is the only new organization in the league. Just like BlossoM, the team includes multiple South Korean players with not much professional experience. The 23-year-old Park "Guard" Sung-woo competed with LAVEGA Esports at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen.


WEBL have decided to keep the majority of their roster from the South Korea League 2023 Stage 2 and have only made one change, as the organization introduced Kim "Zad" Geon to the roster. The South Korean will make his professional debut later today.

Before & After

Before & After have completely transformed their previous Siege roster as the team decided to sign the squad of Gyeono, a roster that was often seen playing community cups not long ago. Now, they will have the chance to make their professional debut in the South Korea League.

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