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Sons of the Forest 1.0 Update: Release date, trailer, new features, and more

The full version of the game is set to be released very soon

Sons Of The Forest 1.0: Release date, trailer, new features, and more

Sons of the Forest had a stellar debut at the beginning of 2023, amassing a great amount of players with its early access launch. Now, a year after that, Endnight Games is ready to launch the full version of the game with patch 1.0.

Here is all the relevant info that has been revealed so far about the new update so you can read about it before trying it out.

Release date

Version 1.0 for Sons of the Forest will be released on Thursday, February 22, 2024. According to the timer appearing in-game, the update should come out around 5 pm PT/8 pm ET/Friday, February 23 at 1 am GMT.

The game is only available for PC users via Steam and no plans for a release on other consoles have been announced as of yet. However, since the previous title, The Forest, was launched for consoles after its PC release, there's a chance this sequel will follow that same path.


Here is the trailer for update 1.0 that showcases a few of the new features being implemented this time:

New features and additions

The studio hasn't released any sort of patch notes for this update, but we have an idea of some of its additions and/or improvements thanks to a video published by IGN. Here is a list so you know what to look out for when the full release is available:

  • Timmy's role and overall story in the game will be expanded. Actor Shawn Ashmore, who is known for his role as Bobby in the X-Men movies, is now voicing the character.
  • The map will have more points of interest.
  • A new object called The Artifact will be added, which can be obtained by gathering all its parts.
  • Enhanced Hell Caves
  • New mutants
  • You will be able to find Raccons on the island
  • Golf Karts will have a GPS tracker
  • Proximity Chat will be implemented

For more Sons of the Forest news and guides, don't forget to bookmark the site and visit it constantly as we will be posting more once the full game is available.

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