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Sonar returns to Parabellum Esports as coach

Parabellum have reinforced their coaching lineup.

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Logan "Sonar" Parker has returned to Parabellum Esports in a coaching role, with the American having left the team in Aug. 2021.

Sonar had been part of Parabellum during their Cinderella run at the Six Invitational 2021 and had started his journey on the team during their time under Altiora.

Despite being in the second-tier at the time and inexperienced as a team, Parabellum had finished in the top 12 after knocking out G2 Esports and losing to eventual grand-finalists Team Liquid.

Sonar then joined Karn & Co. in the SCS League but was benched at the start of 2021. Most recently, he played in the Solar Flare Competitive League in May this year.

He now returns to Parabellum in a coaching role to reinforce Head Coach Varun "VBM" Mohindra and will be present at the NAL venue in Las Vegas with the rest of the team. This move also follows the recent departure of the team's Puerto Rican-American assistant coach Elim "SmiTaSous" Rivera-Valle.

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