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LIVE Six Jönköping Major LIVE -- Day 3

Live updates on the Six Major

Team BDS become final team to qualify for Jönköping Major playoffs, eliminate Spacestation Gaming

BDS have finished in second place in Group C as they hit enough rounds against w7m esports. This was enough to ensure SSG can't overtake BDS due to their round difference.

BDS previously beat FURY twice, both won and lost against SSG, and lost against w7m. This put them in a tight position in the final game of the Six Jönköping Major groups stage as they needed a point against w7m, who had a perfect record so far in the tournament. Nevertheless, they managed to crack the Brazilians' strategy as they hit the required six round mark.

BDS will therefore progress to the playoffs where they will be one of only two European teams remaining alongside their countrymen, Wolves Esports. The other teams in attendance will be all four Brazilian rosters -- FaZe, w7m, BD, and Liquid -- as well as Soniqs and TSM from North America. BDS's quarter-final opponents will either be Wolves, Liquid, or Soniqs and will be announced in the coming hours.

TSM beat Team Liquid, 7-5

Team Liquid's perfect record has been sundered as TSM beat them 7-5 on Villa. 

While Liquid did mount a close comeback, Beaulo ended the game just before it reached overtime by winning a 1v1 clutch over AsK. He netted 12 kills total while resetz had a 15-8 kill-death record.

This win sends TSM through to the playoffs over Heroic.

Heroic beat SANDBOX, 7-4

Heroic and SANDBOX's final game of the major ended in a 7-4 result to the former team as while Heroic got the win they required, they were eliminated from the tournament due to TSM's result over Liquid. 

This result saw Jume once again excel with 17 kills to eight deaths while Korea's GoodBoy was the second highest fragger with 11 kills.

TSM reach Six Major playoffs, eliminate Heroic

TSM have hit overtime against Team Liquid to add one point to their total. This is enough to guarantee a second-place finish in Group C ahead of Heroic and send them through to the playoffs. 

This is also Team Liquid's first lost points of the tournament as they had already locked in first place earlier in the day. W7m remain as the only team to hold a perfect record, with them facing BDS later today.

Wolves Esports beat Dire Wolves, top Group D ahead of FaZe Clan

Wolves Esports' victory over Dire Wolves means they are the Group D winners and will be a top-seeded team during Friday's quarter-finals. 

The 8-7 result against Dire Wolves was just enough to stay ahead of FaZe Clan, who finished in second place. 

Dire Wolves finish in third on seven points, five more than they earnt during the Charlotte Major.

Shiinka wins 1v2 clutch vs Dire Wolves


FaZe Clan beat Mirage, 7-2

In a repeat of the two team's first meetings, FaZe has beaten Mirage, 7-2.

This puts FaZe Clan up to first place in Group D with Wolves in second able to retake the lead should they beat Dire Wolves.

Dire Wolves no longer in playoff contention

Dire Wolves have become the sixth team to be eliminated from playoff contention at the ongoing Six Major.

FaZe Clan qualify for Jönköping Major playoffs

A single-round for FaZe Clan against Mirage is enough to send the Brazilians through to the Six Major playoffs and eliminate Dire Wolves from contention. This means that all four LATAM teams have made it to the quarter-finals.

FaZe Clan still have a chance to overtake Wolves Esports and win their group should both ongoing games go their way. 

Black Dragons qualify for Jönköping Major playoffs, CAG and MNM eliminated from contention

A 7-2 win over MNM Gaming has locked Black Dragons e-Sports into a second-place finish in Group A, just ahead of CYCLOPS athlete gaming. They have, therefore, qualified for Friday's quarter-finals.

Black Dragons have had a mixed week so far, having lost two games against Soniqs and both winning once and losing once against CYCLOPS. The team crucially beat MNM Gaming twice to make the difference and finish second.

They are, therefore, the fifth team and third Brazilian team to qualify for the playoffs with Liquid and w7m both winning their own group.

This is also the organization's second major playoff appearance after reaching the SI 2018 semi-finals with the roster later known as Ninjas in Pyjamas.

This result also knocks out both MNM Gaming and CYCLOPS from contention with CAG missing out on round difference.

MNM Gaming eliminated from playoff contention

Black Dragons beat MNM Gaming 7-2 to end the European team's Major hopes.

Soniqs leads vs CAG following Rexen 3k, 1v2


MNM vs BD face on Skyscraper

MNM Gaming and Black Dragons will play on Skyscraper, with both teams hoping to earn all three points and reach the playoffs. 

If CAG fails to win a point versus Soniqs then a regulation win is all that's needed by both these teams.

CYCLOPS bans Kapkan vs Soniqs on Club House

Kapkan and Thatcher have been banned by CAG while Soniqs banned Ying and Azami. 

CYCLOPS needs just one point to qualify for the playoffs and could qualify with zero. 

Soniqs has already locked in first place.

Team BDS beat FURY, 7-3

BDS has kept their playoff hopes alive by taking down FURY 7-3 on Oregon. 

This eliminates FURY from contention while BDS overtakes SSG into second place with a tricky match against w7m yet to come.

w7m esports beat Spacestation Gaming, 7-2

Latin America's top-seeded roster, w7m esports, have beaten SSG for the second time to keep their perfect Major run intact.

This result puts SSG in a delicate position as they slip down to third place behind BDS with a game against FURY yet to come. 

W7m esports qualify for Jönköping Major playoffs

After securing at least one point against Spacestation Gaming today, w7m esports have qualified for the Jönköping Major playoffs. This follows an unbeaten start in the group stage for them, with one win against Team BDS, at least one win against Spacestation Gaming, and two wins against FURY.

The Brazilians hardly broke a sweat throughout, taking 7-3 wins over FURY and Spacestation Gaming on the first day. Just one day later, they also defeated Team BDS on Skyscraper, a map they had played on just two occasions before that game. To cap the second day off, w7m then gave FURY theior fourth loss at the Major.

After the first two days, Diego "Kheyze" Zanello was the highest-rated player in the competition with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.64. He also led the K-D and Entry kill leaderboards, was fourth in terms of KOST, and third in terms of the number of clutches.

As a result, w7m have qualified for the Jönköping Major playoffs after doing the same in Berlin, where they scored 16 points after winning five matches.

The Jönköping Major playoffs will kick off on Friday, Nov. 25.

FURY eliminated from playoff contention

FURY has become the third team to miss out on the Six Jonkoping Major playoffs after Mirage and SANDBOX. This came after they lost their opening four games and BDS hit match point.

Heroic qualify for Six Invitational 2023 after results at Jönköping Major

Heroic is the sixth European team to qualify for the Six Invitational 2023.

MNM Gaming qualify for Six Invitational 2023 after TSM victory against SANDBOX Gaming at Jönköping Major

The Marshmellows are on fire.

BDS vs FURY goes to Oregon

BDS will be aiming to catch up to second-placed Spacestation Gaming as they face FURY on Oregon. BDS banned Ying and Azami while FURY banned Capitao and Wamai. 

On Monday FURY took three rounds from w7m on Oregon.

Paluh's 1v4 to beat Heroic:


Team Liquid beat Heroic, 7-2

A 1v4 from Paluh against Heroic has ended the matchup on Border in a 7-2 scoreline. This has locked Liquid in for both a Six Major playoff and Six Invitational appearance. 

Paluh himself netted 14 kills to just three deaths.

TSM beat SANDBOX Gaming, 7-2

TSM has beaten SANDBOX for a second time to overtake Heroic into second place in Group B. 

This result saw Beaulo and Merc both hit 10 kills while GoodBoy ended with a single kill to his name.

SANDBOX eliminated from playoff contention

Korea's SANDBOX Gaming has been eliminated from playoff contention following their 2-7 loss to TSM. 

This result means they still have zero points after five games while TSM sits in second place with nine points. 

Team Liquid top Jönköping Major, qualify for playoffs and Six Invitational 2023

After ensuring a minimum of one point against Heroic, Team Liquid topped their group and qualified for the Jönköping Major playoffs and the Six Invitational 2023.

This minimum of one point will leave Liquid on at least 13 points in their group, well ahead of TSM in third place on six points with two games remaining. This sends Liquid through to the Six Major's quarter-finals, which earns them an additional 60 SI Points for a total of 840. As such, No more than five other teams can now overtake them in the Global SI Points standings and they are guaranteed to finish in the top 16.

The Jönköping Major playoffs will also be the fifth top-eight major appearance for Team Liquid after previously finishing the Charlotte and Mexico Major tournaments in the semi-finals. This is also the third team in 15 months that has been lead by Lagonis to a Six Major playoffs. He previously won the Mexico Major and exited the Charlotte Major in the quarter-finals.

Liquid also has a long history at Six Invitational tournaments, having previously finished SI 2021 as runners-up.

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1v2 4k from Paluh doubles Liquid's lead


Team Liquid vs Heroic goes to Border

Liquid bans Thatcher and Mira while Heroic bans Osa and Azami on Border.

On Tuesday Heroic beat SBXG on Border 7-1 while Liquid beat TSM, 7-5.

“Everyone is comfortable”: Team Liquid overflowing with confidence after unbeaten opening two days at Jönköping Major

Team Liquid have won their first four matches at the Major.

Wolves Esports qualify for Jönköping Major playoffs

Following Dire Wolves' loss to Mirage, Wolves Esports have qualified for the Six Jönköping Major playoffs. With 11 points to their name, they cannot be overtaken by Dire Wolves in third place, who are five points behind with one game remaining.

The French team's Jönköping Major kicked off shakily with a maximum overtime victory against international debutants Mirage. But, they followed that up with a devastating 7-4 win over FaZe Clan. 

Wolves Esports followed it up with regulation victories against Dire Wolves (7-2) and Mirage (7-4) on the second day to go top in their group.

Bastien "BiBooAF" Dulac has been the Wolves' best performer at the Major so far, with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.35 and is ranked third-best across all 80 players.

Now, despite losing to FaZe Clan in regulation time, the fearsome Frenchmen have qualified for the Jönköping Major playoffs, which will kick off on Friday, Nov. 25.

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Soulz1 wins 1v1 to reach map point


Shiinka wins 1v4 to keep Wolves close vs FaZe


FaZe looks to continue almost perfect Kafe win record

FaZe Clan has won in 16 of their last 17 official Kafe games dating back to SI 2021. 

In this time, their only defeat came to Rogue during the Sweden Major group stages. They went on to beat NiP on Kafe to win the Major title. 

Currently, FaZe are leading Wolves, 4-2, after their offensive half as they aim to qualify for the playoffs and possibly catch up to Wolves Esports in first place.

Mirage vs Dire Wolves goes to Skyscraper

Mirage bans Nokk and Azami while DW takes out Ying and Kaid on Skyscraper.

In their first meeting, DW won 7-5. Now the Taiwanese roster needs all three points once again to keep their fight for second place against FaZe Clan going.

CAG needs just one point from Soniqs to make history

If CYCLOPS takes Soniqs to overtime later today, they will qualify for the Six Major's playoffs in second place.

This would be the first time across CAG's six global events they have exited the groups and the first time since the 2019 Six Invitational almost four years ago that a Japanese team have made it into the top eight.

If CAG fails to earn any points against Soniqs then MNM will need to beat Black Dragons in regulation time to take the spot away from them. Black Dragons can also qualify but they'd need beat MNM to a much larger degree.

CYCLOPS beat MNM Gaming, 7-3

A win by Japan's CYCLOPS against MNM Gaming on Chalet has put the team up to second place in Group A. CAG plays Soniqs later today as they hope to make it out of the group stage for the first time across six major events.

Soniqs win Group A, qualify for Six Major playoffs

Stage 3 NAL runners-up, Soniqs, have become the first team to lock in a playoff appearance at the Jönköping Major after a regulation time victory against Black Dragons. This puts Soniqs on 12 points, ahead of MNM and CAG on five with two games remaining for the latter two teams.

This is the first time Soniqs have escaped the group stage at a Six Major after having attended the Mexico, Sweden, and Berlin Majors. After the Berlin Major, they brought in both the reigning Six Invitational champion, Emilio "Geometrics" Leynez, and NAL's top rookie of 2022, Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff in a move that they described like the "stars aligning". That move has paid off immediately, with Soniqs looking like the best team from North America.

At the moment Soniqs' have suffered a lone defeat against MNM Gaming in their opening game of the tournament. They only have CYCLOPS left to face later today, but with first place locked in, this will have no bearing on Soniqs' position.

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Rexen 4k puts Soniqs on map point


Soniqs vs Black Dragons goes to Club House

The Six Major's most popular map gets another appearance as Soniqs and BD face on Club House.

Soniqs bans Ying and Bandit while BD removes Hibana and Azami.

Both teams won this map on Tuesday, 7-4.

CYCLOPS vs MNM starts on Chalet

One of the most important games of the day will see Japan's CAG and Britain's MNM face on Chalet. CAG has banned Twitch and Wamai while MNM banned Montagne and Azami.

This is the same map these two teams met on during day one where MNM won 8-6. Wamai and Azami were also banned then as well.

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