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LIVE Six Jönköping Major LIVE -- Day 2

Live updates on the Six Major

SSG beat BDS, 7-4

SSG has enacted revenge against BDS as they responded to their initial 7-5 loss with a 7-4 loss on day two. This now puts Spacestation ahead of BDS in Group C by round difference.

w7m esports beat FURY, 7-3

In a repeat scoreline of the two team's first meeting, w7m esports have kept their perfect winning record going with a 7-3 result over FURY. Kheyze ended with 19 kills, almost two per round.

LikEfac aces vs SSG to tie the scoreline


Hajime wins 1v2 after a rush into site


Chalet hosts BDS vs SSG

Lion and Melusi have been removed by SSG while BDS took away Hibana and Mira on Chalet.

w7m vs FURY goes to Villa

FURY -- one of only two teams at the Six Major yet to win a point -- will face w7m on Villa, the map's second appearance in the tournament. 

w7m banned Kapkan and Dokkaebi while FURY took away Nokk and Valkyrie.

Team Liquid beat SANDBOX Gaming, 7-5

Despite taking a 5-0 initial lead, SANDBOX squandered the advantage, allowing Liquid to win seven in a row and win all three points. This ended a short streak of APAC wins after both CYCLOPS and Dire Wolves had previously upset Black Dragons and Faze Clan.

Heroic beat TSM, 7-1

TSM, the top-seeded North American roster at the Major, has lost to fourth seeded Heroic in an outstanding 7-1 scoreline. The game starred UUNO, who netted nine kills to three deaths.

Heroic now moves up to second place as while they are tied on points with TSM they have a much better round difference and head-to-head result thanks to this win.

Dire Wolves pull off shock upset over FaZe Clan to draw level on points and remain in playoffs hunt

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AceOfPyrite and Dezachu return to casting

After announcing that the British casting duo would not be working at the Six Jonkoping Major due to Tim "AceOfPyrite" Leaver’s ongoing recovery from a stroke, both Ace and Derry "Dezachu" Holt will now cast the Team Liquid vs SANDBOX Gaming matchup remotely.


Wolves Esports beat Mirage, 7-4

After dropping a point against Mirage on Monday, Wolves Esports have kept their winning streak going on Bank.

Dire Wolves pulls of upset against FaZe Clan, 7-3

Dire Wolves have won their second game of the tournament with a 7-3 result over Berlin Major grand-finalists, FaZe Clan. This puts the two teams level in points with one day to go.


Soniqs finally live up to pre-Major billing in second clash against MNM Gaming

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Dire Wolves hits match point vs FaZe Clan


Mirage pulls off a ninja-plant as Benjimoola wins 1v1 on Montagne


Wolves Esports vs Mirage goes to Bank

After losing 7-8 to Wolves Esports on Club House on Monday, Mirage has taken Wolves Esports to Bank. 

Wolves have banned Nokk and Kaid, while Mirage banned Twitch and Azami. These are completely different bans from their first meeting.

Dire Wolves vs FaZe Clan starts on Skyscraper

DW bans Capitoa and Kaid while FaZe takes Montagne and Mira out of the equation on Skyscraper.

CYCLOPS beat Black Dragons, 7-5

CYCLOPS has won their second global game in their last 14 against Brazil's Black Dragons e-Sports.

This completely opens up the group as BD, MNM, and CAG all sit on five points, with day two now complete.

Soniqs beat MNM Gaming, 7-5, in rematch

Soniqs have won their third game in a row after an upset loss in the opening match of the Six Major. This puts Soniqs clearly ahead of Group A while MNM slips down to third place, tied on points with BD and CAG.

CYCLOPS hits match point vs Black Dragons


Solotov wins 1v2 to tie up scoreline


How do you plant there?!


Kheyze helps w7m esports keep perfect record with three-point win over Team BDS

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Soniqs takes MNM to Oregon

After MNM beat Soniqs 7-3 in the opening game of the Major, the two teams will now rematch on Oregon. 

Soniqs banned Ying and Mira while MNM took out Nokk and Azami.

CAG vs BD rematch returns to Bank

CYCLOPS gets the first round against Brazil's Black Dragons on Bank.

CAG bans Ying and Azami as BD bans Montagne and Kaid.

The first time these two teams met, BD won in a close 8-6 scoreline, also on Bank.

w7m esports beat Team BDS, 7-5

w7m has taken the lead in Group C with a close win over Europe's Team BDS. The results makes them and Liquid the only teams with a perfect record after three games played. 

Spacestation Gaming beat FURY, 7-1

APAC has suffered their fourth 1-7 defeat of the tournament as SSG took down Thailand's representatives in an almost flawless fashion. 

Bosco ended with eight kills to just one death which included two 1v2 clutches.

Bosco wins another clutch for SSG

A 1v2 from Bosco has won Spacestation Gaming their first points of the Six Major as they reach match point against FURY.


Volpz almost secured a 1v5 clutch

Ina  1v5 situation volpz earnt a triple kill and ran to deny the plant before being caught off guard by Shaiiko:


Bosco wins 1v2 vs FURY

Bosco has added to Spacestation's initial round win with a clutch over BGMan and Lycolis on Theme Park:


Skyscraper hosts w7m vs BDS

Nokk and Warden are banned by w7m esports while Team BDS bans Mira and Montagne on Skyscraper.

Spacestation vs FURY goes to Theme Park

SSG and FURY both still have zero points to their name, meaning this is a must-win for both teams. The teams opted to go to Theme Park. 

SSG banned Dokkaebi and Valkyrie while FURY banned Ying and Mira. 

Nesk and Paluh prove superior against Beaulo and Snake as Liquid takes down TSM to lead Group D

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Team Liquid beat TSM, 7-5

In Group D's key matchup, Brazil's Team Liquid took down the reigning world champions in regulation time to take a three point lead at the top of the group and keep their perfect record going. 

Heroic beat SANDBOX, 7-1

SANDBOX Gaming has suffered their second 7-1 defeat in three games as the European side toppled them on Border.

Jume ended with 16 kills to four deaths.

SANDBOX vs Heroic goes to Border

Alongside the TSM vs Liquid game, SBXG vs Heroic will also take place on Border as Ying and Pulse is taken out by the Koreans and the Europeans take out Dokkaebi and Valkyrie.

TSM vs Liquid goes to Border

TSM has banned Osa and Azami while Ying and Frost goes out from Liquid as they enter Border.

FaZe Clan beat Mirage, 7-2

A 1v1 clutch by cameram4n over Mohesse gave FaZe Clan a crucial win over Mirage after both teams lost to Wolves Esports last week. 

The game saw Soulz1 end with 10 kills to four deaths while Astro had 12 kills to five and an ace to his name.

Wolves Esports beat Dire Wolves, 7-2

A very dominant performance from France's Wolves Esports has taken down Group D's third-placed roster. 

This game ensured that Wolves Esports remained top in their group as Mowwwgli finished with 13 kills to four deaths. 

Wolves vs Wolves goes to Villa

Wolves Esports have banned Nokk and Valkyrie while Dire Wolves have taken out Thatcher and Azami in Villa's first appearance of the tournament.

Black Dragons beat MNM Gaming, 7-4

Brazil goes second in Group A as MNM suffered their first loss of the Six Major in a somewhat one-sided result.

Soniqs beat CYCLOPS, 7-4

The North American side swats aside their Japanese opponents, 7-4.

This pushes them up to first place in the group with Stream B's game yet to end. CAG's campaign meanwhile nears its end.

CYCLOPS starts off strong on Club House vs Soniqs

In one of day two's must-watch games, Japan's CYCLOPS has taken one of the NA tournament favourites to Club House. With just one point separating the teams after day one, both teams are desperate for this win. 

CAG bans Hibana and Valkyrie while Soniqs takes out Montagne and Azami. This is the second time Montagne has been counter-banned against CYCLOPS.

MNM vs Black Dragons goes to Club House

Two of Siege's most well-respected organizations will finally meet on Club House. 

The game sees BD ban Hibana and Azami while MNM took out Maverick and Kaid.

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