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SiegeGG Community Member of the Year

Coconut Brah has been chosen as SiegeGG's Community Member of the Year!

Jon "CoconutBrah" Soli has been selected as SiegeGG's Community Member of the Year.

CoconutBrah is widely known for his YouTube videos where he explains how the game works to a wide audience of viewers, from high-level ranked players to newcomers to the game. 

Making content accessible to such a wide audience is certainly not easy (we would know!) but CoconutBrah has found the niche that works for everyone. From Valkyrie cameras to spawn peeks, CoconutBrah is responsible for a big number of plays that happen in a daily basis in the game -- evne on the professional stage.

He also know for his hide-and seek-games that get his community excited, where he joins fans and gives them the chance of winning money if they can find him at a secret spot on maps.

Additionally, CoconutBrah also posts videos tnat take deep dives into the new content being added to the game. Not only does he inform his viewers of the new content, he also showcases funny, relevant, and useful content for players to use in their own matches.

Impressively, just one month ago, CoconutBrah released a mammoth two-hour video going through 200 tips and tricks that are certainly being used all throughout Rainbow Six Siege right now.

His impressive reach of 1.7 million followers on YouTube is also why 'CoconutBrah spots' are usually seen and used in-game just days after map reworks or new map releases. Don't forget -- no matter what, Coconut Brah will always find a way to get on Coastline's purple tarps!

To top it off, CoconutBrah was handed a Community award from Ubisoft at the Six Invitational 2023 in recognition of his efforts of uniting all facets of the Rainbow Six Siege community.

SiegeGG agrees and thus CoconutBrah is our Community Member of Year 7.

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