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Shinosaaaaaang Operator Bundle accidentally leaked during Rainbow Six Siege tournament

Even casters were confused. But curious.

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A new operator bundle is on the way. Apparently.

During the APAC League 2022 Grand Finals, a banner suddenly appeared that read "Shinosaaaaaang Operator Bundle," prompting players to claim a charm before April 25th.

Mid-match, the caster stopped discussing the action to question the banner. Based on the image, it seemed the bundle revolved around operator Echo.

What is the Shinosaaaaaang Operator Bundle?

An operator bundle is a purchasable bundle in Rainbow Six Siege that features multiple cosmetic items that revolve around a certain operator. In the past, operator bundles have included headgear, a weapon skin, and a charm.

It's not clear just yet what is in the Shinosaaaaaang Operator Bundle, since Ubisoft has not officially announced it. But it seems as though it will contain items that revolve around Echo.

Who is Echo in Rainbow Six Siege?

Echo is a defensive operator that's often used as an anchor or intel gatherer. He carries an acoustic hailing device, a drone that can fire ultrasonic bursts to disorient enemies in a targeted area. Echo's Yokai drone transmits live video to Echo so he can use this information to secure certain areas.

Masaru "Echo" Enatsu is a 36-year-old from Suginami, near Tokyo. He was fascinated with robotics early in his life, even designing drones that won competitions. Echo ended up studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, where he was then encouraged to join the National Police Agency Security Bureau.

According to his official biography, Echo was trained in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering. He started to design tech for the Bureau, improving his own intel gathering techniques and adapting to a new methodology that caught the attention of Rainbow.

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