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SANDBOX Gaming signs Arukaze and FanXy

The move completes the Korean roster ahead of Stage 2.

Following the departure of Hyojun "Harp3rXD" Lee on May 27, SANDBOX Gaming has signed former T1 duo Hyeonjin "Arukaze" Hwang and Junhyuk "FanXy" Lim as player and coach, respectively.

The move leaves the former T1 roster with just three active players. However, it restores SBXG to full strength after the team had played in Stage 1 without a coach in all but one game during the regular APAC North season.

Sihun "Nova" Lee filled the vacant coaching role in the team following their penultimate APAC North match, switching his new role from a playing one, while Jiheon "GoodBoy" Lee took the step up from his content creator position to replace Nova after turning 18 years-old.

Twin losses in the APAC Playoffs saw SBXG fail to qualify for the Charlotte Major and Harp3rXD's departure followed shortly after the transfer window opened.

SBXG will debut its new roster in Stage 2 of the APAC North Division later this month.