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Rogue smash XSET on third map, complete comeback to progress to Berlin Major grand-final

NA is out of the Berlin Major.

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Image: Ubisoft/Joao F.

After overturning a shocking first map, Rogue have bulldozed their way into the grand-final of the Six Berlin Major with a 2-1 defeat of XSET.

This marks LeonGids and meepeY's first Major grand-final together after three unsuccessful attempts and sends NA out of the tournament.

Map 1 - Bank

Rogue's map pick started off well, as a triple kill from LeonGids stopped an attempted plant from XSET on round on. But, on rounds two and three, XSET managed to get players into or around the site undetected while also picking up kills from the CEO window.

Rogue called a timeout after going behind before once again defending the lockers site. XSET managed to pick off all those players not stuck to site before they lost two players to a swing.

XSET planted under the cover of Candela flashes and held the cross angles in a 3v2 to go up, 3-1. For the third round running, XSET smashed Rogue's roam, putting them up in a 5v3 after around a minute into the game.

These constant leads give XSET the time and man advantage to man handle their way into site, winning the half while up 4-1.

The half ended as XSET brought both Kali and Blackbeard to sit on the CEO windows. Kanto once again died on entry before Spoit was grenaded with one minute remaining. As Rogue tried making up the player deficit, they each lost their engagements in a mere few seconds.

Things did not change on defense, as Kanto died first yet again before GMZ got a double kill with a C4. XSET were thus on a 6-1 map point effectively just two minutes into the round.

Finally, the map ended as GMZ jumped out of the top floor window and got a double kill, something Rogue had tried unsuccessfully in round two. This put the round in another 4v2, which XSET closed out with no difficulty.

Map 2 - Chalet

XSET began their own pick on the defence, starting on the Garage objective. The round was a complete switch of what we saw on map one, as a number of quick entry kills ended XSET's six-round streak to take round one.

Rogue also won round one on map one before falling completely flat, meaning adding a second was less than guaranteed. Attacking the Bar site this time, Rogue opted for a Ying-Amaru rush which, after a good start, diminished quickly into a 3v3 that Rogue lost.

SpiriTz ended the half, 3-3, as he hid from a drone and managed to get all four of the round's kills.

"Perfect synchronicity" from XSET secured them multiple kills in a handful of seconds to take the lead once again.

5-4 put Rogue "two more rounds" away from map three, as the crowd's cheers emphasised during XSET's timeout.

XSET's plan post-timeout was seemingly for a quicker more aggressive take, which Spoit slowed down with the opening kill. The round came back to a 3v3, before Spoit hiding in a corner popped up to add to his count with a quadruple kill.

The momentum was firmly in Rogue's favour and they closed Chalet out with a 7-4 win.

Map 3 - Oregon

Rogue continued their streak as they finally looked to be settling into the occasion. The following two rounds saw only Kanto and Spoit die, as every member of Rogue had two kills each.

Round three saw a Dokkaebi call from LeonGids signal the start of the attack, which traded a player each and took multiple XSET players low. An Amaru traded out once again, before Dokk end the round as quick as he started it with the final kill.

XSET called a tactical timeout to the tune of "NA! Airport!" from the European crowd. The team seemingly fed off of the hate, as SpiriTz earned triple kill leaving LeonGids, in an unwinnable 1v5.

Any hope that this would kill their momentum was dashed as LeonGids' double kill entry into the site led to a flawless round to guarantee they would win their offensive half, which eventually ended 5-1.

Rogue on the defence started in the basement objective and got the opening kill by running outside after Deapek's Echo was sent outside to spot a target. This was the start of a demolition by Rogue, who answered the first-map 7-1 drubbing in kind and won 7-1 on Oregon to lock in their grand-final spot.

Rogue will now play the winner of FaZe Clan vs w7m esports tomorrow for the Six Major title.

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