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Road to Atlanta: Team of the Week 1

Here's SiegeGG's new format, Team of the Week!

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Banner image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

SiegeGG is bringing Team of the Week, a roster that will include five of the best Rainbow Six Siege players of the week.

For obvious reasons, SiegeGG's Team of the Week won't be formed by five entry fraggers. Although we know they usually are the players with the highest ratings, Team of the Week will follow four rules to make it as open-minded and diverse as possible.

SiegeGG's Team of the Week will be based on the following patterns:

  1. The Team of the Week can't have more than one player from the same region.
  2. Players must have played two maps at least (exceptions can apply to Asian competitions).
  3. Each Team of the Week will be formed by one entry, a second entry, two flex players, and one support.
  4. Although SiegeGG ratings are the decisions' backbone, they are not definitive. Entry-fragging stats, a rock-solid KOST, or the number of plants may make a difference. This being said, we will be as flexible as possible.

Here's SiegeGG's Stage 2 Team of the Week 1!

Stage 2 - Team of the Week 1

Entry: Yuuta "Tyopi" Yanagi (Crest Gaming Lst)

Second entry: Virtue (G2 Esports)

Flex: SpiriTz (Wildcard Gaming)

Flex: SRSLy (Geekay Esports)

Support: Kondz (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

Yuuta "Tyopi" Yanagi

Crest Gaming Lst's maximum overtime victory against Fnatic saw the team qualifying for the Japan League Deciders as the roster is now two matches away from the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta.

The former Fnatic player Yuuta "Tyopi" Yanagi was CGL's best player of the match, with a SiegeGG rating of 1.30 and an outstanding entry balance of 4-0 (+4).

His impact in the match wasn't just in the early stages of the rounds but also in the dying moments of the game. His 1v2 clutch in the final round of the clash was the final difference between both teams.

Jake "Virtue" Grannan

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Europe League's representative in today's team of the week is Jake "Virtue" Grannan. It was a close contest between him and his teammate Jack "Doki" Robertson, but we decided to go for the Aussie due to his consistency.

Virtue was important in G2 Esports' victories in Week 1. His clutch against Team BDS in round four was one of the plays that eventually gave the three points to the European powerhouse.

Heading to the second week of the stage, Virtue holds the second-best SiegeGG rating (1.45) and the best KOST (85%) in Europe, excluding players who have only featured in one map.

Zachary "SpiriTz" Dionne

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Wildcard Gaming's roster start to the stage has been perfect, as the red team has already won four matches. With 12 points, the organization currently leads the North America League Stage 2 standings.

Zachary "SpiriTz" Dionne has been Wildcard Gaming's best player. The Canadian currently averages a SiegeGG rating of 1.31, the highest rating in the region for a player with four appearances.

On attack, SpiriTz has mained Twitch (11 rounds). Meanwhile, on defense, the Canadian has mained Doc (6). Other popular options on defense have been Mute (5) and Warden (2).

Ahmet "SRSLy" Hasan

Geekay Esports currently leads the standings of the MENA League following Team Falcons' maximum overtime win against Twisted Minds. On Wednesday, both rosters will meet in a match that could decide who represents the MENA region in the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta.

The Turkish player has been competing for Geekay Esports as a flex. On attack, Ahmet "SRSLy" Hasan has only been seen with Sledge and Flores. Meanwhile, on defense, Castle has been his favorite operator, despite also using Mira, Maestro, Wamai, and Kapkan.

With a SiegeGG rating of 1.43, an entry balance of 3-0 (+3), and the highest KOST in the league, it was unthinkable to not include the Turkish player in the Team of the Week.

Raul "kondz" Romão

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Raul "kondz" Romão closes out the first Team of the Week for Stage 2 after a great week for Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Mainly playing as a hard breacher, flank watcher, and support, the Brazilian currently averages a SiegeGG rating of 1.39, which went up following Ninjas in Pyjamas' victory against LOS oNe, with the Brazilian registering a KD of 10-0 (+10) and a SiegeGG rating of 2.23.

With three plants to his name, kondz currently tops the charts in the Brazil League among Gabriel "AsK" Santos and Rennan "R4re" Vitor.

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