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REJECT releases NoTimeGG after contract expiry

One of the oldest players in top-flight Siege is now without a team.

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REJECT on Jun. 17 announced the release of Jun "Player 953" Matsuura after his contract expired. NoTimeGG had been a player for REJECT since Dec. 2020.

With REJECT, NoTimeGG finished fifth in the Japan League 2021, top 12 in the Japan Championship 2021, and secured promotion to the APAC North Division for 2022. However, the team was eighth and last in its first stage there earlier this year.

NoTimeGG was one of (if not outright) the oldest players in competitive Rainbow Six Siege at an age of 34 and had stints in the past with Nora-Rengo, Father's Back, and Unsold Stuff Gaming.

With him, REJECT had a six-man roster and as such will likely continue with that in the remainder of Stage 2.

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