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Rainbow Six Siege reveals name and role of new operator for Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid

Rainbow Six Siege's new operator will be called Solis.

Yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege revealed the name of the operator released alongside Operation Solar Raid. Solis will arrive to the game as the new operator will be part of the defensive roster.

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What is the next Rainbow Six Siege operation?

The next Rainbow Six Siege operation will be called Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid. 

All the details about the upcoming season will be revealed next Monday, Nov. 21. The Operation Solar Raid Full Reveal will be streamed on Twitch during the Jönköping Major. There, Ubisoft will unveil all the information about the future of Rainbow Six Siege.

What is the next Rainbow Six Siege operator?

Rainbow Six Siege's new operator released alongside Operation Solar Raid will be Solis. 

According to the footage released by Rainbow Six Siege throughout the past weeks, the operator is from Colombia. Its nationality was something already public, as Ubisoft revealed it with the release of the Year 7 Roadmap.

Rainbow Six Siege has not just released the name of the operator, but also revealed the operator's role: Solis will be a defender.

What's Solis gadget?

We still have no information about Solis' gadget. However, Solis' trailer gives us some hints.

Solis' gadget may be its glasses or headgear. Around her, on the trailer, we can see the sillouetes of different attacking gadgets. That combined with her quote "if you know the game before it starts, no pawn can stand in your way" makes us think about Solis having a gadget that gives information about the attackers' gadgets.

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