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Save up to 30% on DRKN Rainbow Six Siege merch

SiegeGG has teamed up with DRKN to celebrate the Road to SI 2023 with a big discount on Rainbow Six Siege clothing

The Six Invitational 2023 is the perfect time to celebrate your favourite game ahead of the new year. DRKN has taken 20% off almost all Rainbow Six Siege merch to commemorate its Road to SI23, and we’ve teamed up to give you an extra 10% saving. Simply use the code SiegeGG at the checkout to claim the biggest discount possible. 

This code is valid on all Rainbow Six Siege products except official Six Invitational gear, like the brand new SI23 zip hoodie, the jackets of yesteryear, and the event patch pack. The other caveat is that licensing issues prevent some of these items from being sold in North America or China. 

We’ll run through our favourite items with the biggest savings below. Don’t hang around for too long, though, as sizes are flying off the virtual shelves. 

6 Siege White Zip Hoodie 

This hoodie lets you wear the Six emblem like a badge of honor, and the black really pops against the white background. It’s a fairly subtle design on the front, with the only other patterns being a digital decoration on the right sleeve and DRKN logo on the left. 

The back is where the party’s at, with a vertical line of symbols alluding to some of the best operators in the game. They’re not like-for-like with the attacker and defender icons we’re familiar with, but any fan can tell what they’re supposed to be, from Blackbeard’s skull to Sledge’s hammer, Caveira’s hush, and Bandit’s electrification. 

DRKN has shaved 20% off when you pre-order the hoodie, and popping SiegeGG into the checkout’s coupon section will bring this up to a 30% discount. 

6 Siege Dokkaebi White T-Shirt 

Dokkaebi’s logo is one of the most recognisable in the game, appearing as her operator icon and in the top-right corner of her tablet every time you check drones, hack cams, or put a call out. It’s a chibi version of the goblin-like Dokkaebi found in South Korean folklore, and it’s black and yellow design looks impeccable against a white t-shirt. 

Above the logo is a nod to Dokk OS, the custom operating system she uses to access cams. Below is 까불지 마, which is the same Korean text that appears when she hacks defender cams and roughly translates to ‘don’t mess with me’ in English. 

It’s currently 21% off on DRKN, and a clean 31% cheaper when you add SiegeGG into the coupon section at the checkout. 

6 Siege Jäger Black Hood 

After Ubisoft removed the ability to throw back grenades with enough time left on the fuse – yes, that really was a feature - Jäger was your only peace of mind from unexpected explosives landing at your feet. Of course, Wamai’s now here to help and you can get creative by plugging deadly ‘nade holes with Azami, but GSG 9’s Jäger is one of the most recognizable operators in the game. 

This black and white hoodie won’t stop you worrying about grenades in real life, but it’ll keep you comfy with a graffiti Jäger emblazoned on the front. Those alphanumerics on the sleeves aren’t random, either, as it reflects his two loadouts: the 416-C being a nod to his rifle, and the M870 being everyone’s favourite meme shotgun. 

Much like the others, DRKN has chopped 20% off the hoodie and typing SiegeGG into the coupon field will bring this down a further 10%. 

These deals will last as long as the Six Invitational, so you’ll want to get your orders in before February 19. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the reveal of Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force on February 18. 

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