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Rainbow Six Siege developers delay Reddit AMA

The AMA was delayed due to ongoing server issues.

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Rainbow Six Siege fans were excited to get some insight into Demon Veil's new map, Emerald Plains, in an upcoming AMA on Reddit. Developers were going to talk about the game's first map in three years but the event was unfortunately delayed.

Players that excitedly clicked on the link come April 22 were met with a brief message on the Reddit thread: "Update: We'll be pushing the AMA to next week due to an ongoing service outage (which we are working hard to resolve)."

The delay was caused by a service outage that made it difficult for players to get into a game. For many, they couldn't even connect to a server at all.

An hour after the announcement, developers tweeted that there were improvements to the server situation. Unfortunately, it was still an issue for many Rainbow Six Siege players.

This led the Rainbow Six Siege community to voice frustration with Ubisoft. The AMA was not only delayed by a week but the servers were still causing issues. While most agreed that the servers were much more important than the AMA, it was just a disappointing situation all around.

The AMA will now happen on Friday, April 29.

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