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Rainbow Six Extraction releases Echo as new operator

The Extraction team welcomes Echo!

Rainbow Six Extraction is back with a new limited-time game mode called Eclipse and a new operator, Echo.

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Echo Rainbow Six Extraction

Echo is in Rainbow Six Extraction to stay! His Yokai Drones have been slightly modified. Compared to Rainbow Six Siege, Yokai Drones don't get attached to the ceiling. You can drive around the map with the drone and shoot it from different distances. 

In Rainbow Six Extraction, Yokai Drones are used to stun the Archaeans. It is easier to deal with them when they are stunned, which opens the door to a sweet partnership with other players on your team.

Echo's first primary available weapon is the Supernova, a shotgun that only Amaru, Echo, and Hibana have in Rainbow Six Siege. It's a good gun to use when you get into close gunfights, but you will quickly find yourself dry as it only includes six bullets per magazine. 

Echo's real potential is unveiled when you unlock the third tier, which allows you to use his MP5SD. If you get to the final tier, you will be able to equip Echo with the Bearing 9 or even Hibana's Type 89. That's the magic of Extraction!

Is Echo good for Extraction?

Echo isn't the best operator in Extraction, but he can help from a distance. His Yokai Drones can be used to stun the herds of Archaeans, which can be very useful. However, it puts your team in a difficult position -- only two operators will be on the battlefield if you play Echo's Drones. On top of that, Echo will be in a vulnerable spot when using his equipment, which isn't an ideal thing to say in Extraction. 

Also, his first weapon kit isn't the best, so you must work on his abilities first before thinking of bringing him to the battlefield.

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