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Rainbow is Magic returns to Siege for a limited time!

Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow is Magic!

Rainbow Six Siege is known for being a tactical FPS. You must be one step ahead of your opponents while adapting to the needs of the match. It's not just about aiming but also about thinking about how to counter your enemies.

However, Rainbow Six Siege's time-limited events usually break the trend. From time to time, Rainbow Six Siege surprises the community with the release of eccentric game modes.

For example, in Snow Brawl, Siege's Christmas event, players can only use snowballs to attack their opponents.

This week, a new time-limited event is coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow is Magic is back!

Rainbow is Magic is one of the community's favorite time-limited events. Keep on reading to know more about it!

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What is Rainbow is Magic?

Rainbow is Magic is a Rainbow Six Siege time-limited game mode. It takes place in a unique version of Presidential Plane, a map that can only be played on Quick Match.

In Rainbow is Magic, everything is different. From bizarre skins to eccentric wall paintings in the plane, the attackers must take the hostage, Mr. Bear. Meanwhile, defenders have to protect him at all costs.

New Rainbow is Magic game mode

According to Rainbow Six Siege's video presentation of Rainbow is Magic, this time the event will include a new game mode!

Both defenders and attackers will have to attack Mr. Bear, the hostage. In this new game mode, players will be able to use more than one Montagne in the same round to defend Mr. Bear!

Other operators that have been confirmed to be in the event are Buck, Kaid, Blackbeard, and Smoke.

On top of that, the video presentation also confirms the arrival of more Rainbow is Magic special cosmetics to Rainbow Six Siege!

When does Rainbow is Magic start?

Rainbow is Magic will come to Rainbow Six Siege... today! 

Rainbow is Magic will be in Rainbow Six Siege from Mar. 29 to Apr. 19. You have over 20 days to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege's new time-limited game mode!

Rainbow is Magic's Tachanka

One of Rainbow Six Siege's most famous bundles is part of Rainbow is Magic.

Tachanka's Rainbow is Magic's bundle is as unique as a unicorn! Right now, this bundle can't be purchased anymore. However, it's unknown if it will make a return with Rainbow is Magic!

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