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Parabellum Esports release Azian following disappointing Stage 3

Azian only joined the team before the start of Stage 3.

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Image: @Azianned

Parabellum today announced that they have released with their new signing Connor "Azian" Felux, who is now a free agent.

In response to a SiegeGG query for a statement, Parabellum coach Varun "VBM" Mohindra denied the rumour that Azian had intentionally not put in effort during the trial of another player. However, he declined to elucidate further.

"I can definitely confirm on the record that the rumor posted is untrue," said VBM. "We had a bad stage and were simply evaluating options."

Parabellum finished in ninth place in Stage 3 of the NAL, with just three wins in nine games and had a total of nine points.

Azian had only joined Parabellum before the start of the stage, having been signed from Luminosity Gaming in the Challenger League. He now finds himself without a team after just nine games in the NAL.

Azian had considerable success in various under-18 tournaments, but only turned 18 in May of this year. Since then, he finished as a runner-up in the NA Challenger League, with the fourth-highest KPR in the league.

In the NAL, he was middle-of-the-pack with a 0.96 SiegeGG Rating stemming from a 78-79 K-D, 16-16 Entry K-D, and 62 percent KOST. During this period, he primarily played on Twitch and Azami.

Parabellum will now be searching for a new player ahead of the SI 2023 NA qualifier.

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