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Parabellum Esports drops NAL roster, doesn't leave Siege

Parabellum Esports have dropped their roster.

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Parabellum Esports have released their North American League roster, according to an announcement made by the organization earlier today.

Parabellum Esports' were promoted to the North American League after a rock-solid 3-0 victory against the previous roster of XSET.

Unluckily for Parabellum, their team couldn't qualify for any of this season's Six Majors, which means the team's last and only international appearance so far was at the Six Invitational 2021 -- back when the team was still in the Challenger League.

Now, Parabellum are taking measures to change this. The organization has decided to part ways with the members of the roster, as stated in the team's announcement.

"Parabellum is taking this opportunity to refflect on 2022, evaluate our approach, and prepare for the 2023 season. As part of this evaluation, we have made agreements with our active roster and staff regarding them entering Free Agency in 2023."

With Parabellum dropping their players, the best player of Stage 3, Alexandre "BlaZ" Thomas, finds himself with no team to represent heading into the new season.

It's unclear what will Parabellum's next move will be. However, everything points towards a restructuring of the roster, as the organization is looking to do what w7m esports did in 2022.

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