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Parabellum claims the World First Salvation's Edge title in longest raid race in Destiny 2 history

It was one for the books

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Fans wanted Bungie to deliver on the raid after the disappointing Root of Nightmares and it seems the developers went all out as team Parabellum took over 18 hours to make the first completion, claiming the World First title for Salvation's Edge.

Previously, the infamous Last Wish raid held the record for the longest raid race in Destiny 2 history, with the first team to complete it, taking 18 hours and 49 minutes. While we don't have the specific time, we do know based on when the raid started that the winning squad, Parabellum, took over 19 hours to complete Salvation's Edge, with Bungie confirming their victory on social media.

Across the duration of the raid, thousands of fans tuned in to Twitch to see which team would manage to take down The Witness first, as well as earn some sweet Twitch Drops in the process, with two prominent storylines at play: Datto and Clan Math Class trying to get their first win after many attempts coming in second, and Clan Elysium, looking to add a fourth belt to their name.

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Sadly for both teams, it wasn't meant to be as Parabellum ended up clutching it out as unlikely winners, with seemingly none of the fireteam members streaming their runs, taking Twitch viewers by surprise as rumors of a fireteam clearing the raid started popping on all major streamer chats. Rumors that were eventually confirmed by Bungie.

Even if you didn't participate in the raid or tuned in to watch the best players in Destiny 2 lose their sanity, you'll still be able to reap the rewards of Parabellum's completion, as a new 12-man activity has been unlocked for all players. The eighth and last The Final Shape campaign mission: Excision.

All there is to say is congratulations to team Parabellum on becoming Destiny 2 legends. For more content, don't forget to check out our full Power Level guide.

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