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Overwatch 2: How to get Mythic Prisms

A new currency is now available

Overwatch 2 How to get mythic prisms

Overwatch 2 Season 10 introduced a brand new in-game currency called Mythic Prisms, along with a new section in the item shop simply called Mythic. Given how many currencies the game has now, it could get a little confusing for casual players to know exactly the ins and outs of each one.

That is why we have prepared a little guide to tell you all about the prisms, including every method available to get them.

How to get Mythic Prisms?

Mythic Prisms are a new currency represented by a triangular item with blue and purple colors. These coins are used to purchase mythic skins and their extra customization levels through the new mythic section of the section.

There are only two ways to get prisms and both include spending real money. The first one is through the battle pass, as each season starting from Season 10 will have a total of 80 prisms as part of their premium rewards.

All the players who purchase the premium version of the battle pass will get ten prisms every eight levels if they manage to complete the pass (or if they buy the tiers). This means that each pass will provide you with enough prisms to acquire a mythic skin and all its customization levels.

The second method is by buying the prisms directly through the store. Here are all the bundles of prisms available with the price of each one:

  • 10 Mythic Prisms - $10/10€
  • 40 Mythic Prisms (+10 bonus) - $40/40€
  • 75 Mythic Prisms (+25 bonus) - $75/75€

How much do mythic skins cost?

Every base mythic skin costs 50 prisms, while every extra level of customization costs 10 more. With most skins having three extra levels, the full package usually costs 80 prisms. There are a few exceptions to this trend, like the Hanzo skin which only has two extra levels.

All the mythic skins

Here is a list of all the mythic skins that have been released so far:

  • Season 1: Cyber Demon Genji
  • Season 2: Zeus Junker Queen
  • Season 3: Amaterasu Kiriko
  • Season 4: Galactic Emperor Sigma
  • Season 5: Adventurer Tracer
  • Season 6: A-7000 Wargod Ana
  • Season 7: Onryo Hanzo
  • Season 8: Grand Beast Orisa
  • Season 9: Ancient Caller Moira
  • Season 10: Vengeance Mercy

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