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Over 180k Helldivers 2 players unite to complete Veld's liberation in record time

Amazing loot awaits those who join

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Thousands of Helldivers 2 players are joining forces to liberate a single planet, Veld, with over 180k trying to complete the next major order.

After the community failed the previous major order, defending Super Earth from Automatons, Helldivers 2 players now find themselves speedrunning the second one, set on completing it before 24 hours.

According to PC Gamer Veld's recovery rate was 7%. Players need to outpace bugs by that much per hour to win, which seemed an impossible task considering around roughly 80k players made a 2% progress.

Luckily, someone at Arrowhead Studios tweaked the percentages, making the Veld regen drop to 3%, causing the 180k players currently fending off Terminid bugs to recover the planet at a record pace.

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The reward for completing this major order is substantially better than the previous ones, according to Windows Central. Helldivers 2 players will receive 45 Warbond Medals to unlock items from the free and premium versions of the Helldivers 2 battle pass.

Players may need to be wary of the Helldivers 2 dungeon master. The DM is a group developer within Arrowhead Studios. According to Sagar Beroshi, deputy game director, the Helldivers 2 dungeon master has access to "a suite of tools, observing the gameplay as it's happening and responding in real time." Arrowhead CEO also revealed that the dungeon master's name is Joel and that his actual role within the team is that of Game Master.

This is both helpful and detrimental to players as the DMs can throw buffs and debuffs for players. For more content, check out why Helldivers 2 is being ruined by cheaters.

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