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Niko replaces Andreezy on PWNZ

Team Empire has announced the change ahead of EUL Stage 2 next week.

Nikita "Niko" Rusyaev will join the Team Empire roster currently known as PWNZ to replace Andrey "Andreezy" Baviyan who is now a free agent.

Andreezy previously qualified for the European League on where during his two years on the team he worked as an analyst, player, and coach.

Following this, last August he left the team and joined PWNZ in March. In his lone stage on the team PWNZ finished in last place with just five points.

He has now been replaced by Niko who previously competed on a number of tier-two Russian rosters including the CrowCrowd organization. Most recently he was a part of the DED Inside roster and finished the most recent Russian Major League season in sixth place out of eight teams.

Niko's professional debut will come next Monday with the exact fixtures yet to be announced. 

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