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NAL Final Group Stage Game Day Preview: Top 2 to be confirmed today, three teams to fight for final playoff spot

The final day of the North America League Group Stage is here.

Banner image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

Today, the North America League will celebrate its final day of action. Here's everything you need to know about today's matches.

Mirage, Spacestation, and Luminosity to fight for final decider spot

Mirage, Spacestation Gaming, and Luminosity Gaming are the only teams with chances to qualify for the North American League Deciders playoff.

Luminosity Gaming will kick off today's games with their match against Beastcoast. The former Challenger League roster is the favorite to take the win as their opponents have already been confirmed to finish in the bottom three.

If Luminosity didn't get a regulation win against Beastcoast, the team's chances to sneak in the Top 6 would drastically fall despite still having to face Oxygen Esports later in the day.

Right after the conclusion of the Luminosity and Beastcoast match, Spacestation Gaming and Mirage will meet in the second game of the day. As of now, both teams have the same round difference (-6) and the same number of points (8), but Spacestation Gaming has one game in hand.

With Mirage having only one match to play, losing to Spacestation Gaming would see them finishing outside the Top 6. Meanwhile, an astronaut victory would put them in a solid position to confirm their spot in the North America League Deciders. The team's final match in the group stage will be against DarkZero Esports in the fourth game of the day.

M80 favorites to take first seed

Despite losing to Wildcard Gaming on Sep. 14, the Brazilian-majority roster are the favorites to take get the first seed as they currently lead the standings by two points.

With a round difference of +20, M80 have the upper hand in a possible tie with DarkZero Esports, which can only take place if both teams win their matches today.

M80's only match today will be against Soniqs, who are still in the Top 2 race. Throughout Stage 1, M80 and Soniqs met twice as the Brazilian-majority roster won both matches. Another loss would see Soniqs facing the third or the fourth best side in the group stage, as they could only finish between the fifth and the sixth place.

Meanwhile, Wildcard Gaming, who currently sit in second place with 14 points, will play against DarkZero Esports in the final match of the day. The winner of the game is very likely to finish in the Top 2 as only one point splits boths sides heading to the final day of the group stage.

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