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NA Challenger League Stage 3 to start today, Sep. 10

The final stage of the NACL starts today.

Stage 3 of the NA Challenger League will start today, Sep. 10.

Nearly each of the nine teams has made roster changes, with multiple teams such as Aqualix, Luminosity Gaming, and Nokturns having lost players to NAL teams.

In Stage 2, Aqualix topped the table with 21 points, with Luminosity and Reality TV close behind with 20 and 19 points, respectively. Four other teams were within three points of third-placed Reality TV and fans could be once again in for an exciting and closely-contested stage of NACL.

It is still unclear if the winners of the NACL (and the EU Challenger League) will be promoted to the NAL for the 2023 season, or if there will even be a promotion-relegation match like every prior season.

Catch the start of Stage 3 of the NACL today, Sep. 10 at 4 PM EST (UTC-4).

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