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MIBR bench Dodez just over a month after signing him

The Brazilian was brought on in a trial capacity for the SI Qualifier.

Just over a month after signing him in a trial capacity, MIBR have benched "Dodez" according to a series of posts from the player on Twitter.

In his tweets, Dodez stated that he was "released to hear new proposals" by MIBR, though he is still "under contract".

MIBR had signed him and "Nyjl" in trial capacities ahead of the Brazil Six Invitational 2023 Open Qualifier, but had failed to progress to the LATAM Qualifier after being eliminated in the Upper Bracket semi-finals by LOS oNe. LOS oNe eventually also went on to qualify for the Six Invitational through the subsequent Closed Qualifier.

Making way on MIBR had been Luca "LuKid" Sereno, who had been benched. It is currently unclear if he will thus return to the starting lineup with the start of the 2023 season later in the year.

Dodez had joined MIBR from Dromedalho, who finished second in the Série B 2022 Finals in Nov. 2022.

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