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M80 become first North American team to qualify for BLAST Major Copenhagen

M80 have qualified for Copenhagen!

Banner image: Ubisoft / @ericananmalay

Following the victories against Soniqs and Spacestation Gaming this week, M80 have qualified for the BLAST Major Copenhagen.

M80 started the season with the signings of William "Spoit" Löfstedt and David "Iconic" Ifidon, who joined the roster to replace Evan "Yoggah" Nelson and Zachary "SpiriTz" Dionne.

In the North America League Stage 1 group stage, M80 finished in sixth place with four defeats and only three victories, two of them coming against the eventual bottom two of Mirage and Parabellum Esports.

Despite the team's struggles during the group stage, the Brazilian-majority squad didn't feel the pressure in the tournament's final bracket.

Soniqs focused mainly on banning Soniqs and Ying, who were blocked in every map of the series. Meanwhile, M80 did the same with Frost, an operator with a plenty of playing time in the Soniqs' lineups.

Led by Spoit and Arthur "GMZ" Lopeswith SiegeGG ratings of 1.30 and 1.26, respectively, M80 defeated Soniqs as they advanced to the next round.

Today, against Spacestation Gaming, the Brazilian-majority roster didn't hesitate and defeated the astronauts on Bank and Theme Park after only conceding three rounds.

Next week, M80 will face the winner of the match between DarkZero Esports and beastcoast to see what team represents North America in the BLAST Major Copenhagen Phase 2. The loser will qualify for the Phase 1.

Meanwhile, Spacestation Gaming will play against the loser of the DarkZero Esports against beastcoast match as the winner of the series will also qualify for Copenhagen.

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