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Key stats from Day 1 of the Jönköping Major

The numbers behind the madness.

Image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira

Day one of the Six Jönköping Major is now over and here are some of the key numbers that came out from the day’s action.

Monday’s results:

MNM Gaming 7 - 3 Soniqs
Black Dragons e-Sports 8 - 6 CYCLOPS athlete gaming
FaZe Clan 7 - 1 Dire Wolves
Wolves Esports 8 - 7 Mirage
Team Liquid 7 - 1 SANDBOX Gaming
TSM 7 - 5 Heroic
Team BDS 7-5 Spacestation Gaming
w7m esports 7 - 3 FURY
Soniqs 7 - 5 Black Dragons e-Sports
MNM Gaming 8 - 6 CYCLOPS athlete gaming
Wolves Esports 7 - 4 FaZe Clan
Dire Wolves 7 - 5 Mirage
Team Liquid 7 - 5 Heroic
TSM 7 - 4 SANDBOX Gaming
Team BDS 7 - 4 FURY
w7m esports 7 - 4 Spacestation Gaming

Elemzje and Shaiiko excel on attack and defense

While Kheyze had the highest overall SiegeGG Rating and BiBooAF was named day one’s MVP, there’s a number of other leaders when looking at singular sides. 

On the defence, Elemzje excelled with a 1.94 Rating on Aruni. Here, he secured 19 kills to five deaths. Most of this performance came with 12 kills to just one death on the defence against Spacestation Gaming. 

UUNO then hit a 1.55 Rating, while two w7m players -- Jv92 and Kheyze -- sat in third and fourth by this metric.

On the attack, meanwhile, Shaiiko led the statistics with 19 kills to nine deaths -- most of which came against SSG once again -- followed by Tyrant with 16 kills to six deaths. 

The top North American player was Gryxr in 14th place, as NA teams notably struggled while attacking. 

NA’s attacking record

Individually, the four NA team’s records in this Major are as follows:

  • Soniqs - 6-6 on attack, 4-6 on defence
  • TSM - 5-6 on attack, 9-3 on defence
  • Spacestation - 2-8 on attack, 6-6 on defence
  • Mirage - 5-9 on attack, 7-6 on defence

While Soniqs has an even record while attacking, all three other teams are negative and well below their defensive figures. While the global average is a 47 percent offence win rate, NA is at 38.29 percent compared to their 55.32 percent defensive win rate. This is in line with what’s expected.

During SI 2022, NA excelled on their attacks primarily due to their vertical and grenade plays. It seems like the rest of the world has truly caught on now.

Azami leads operator statistics

Azami has a 93 percent presence rate, with her being banned in 12 of the 16 games. 

This is miles ahead of the next highest defender, Wamai, at just a 51 percent presence. 

Also notable is that when Azami isn’t banned, she’s used 72 percent of the time, which is well above the next best defender by this metric -- Smoke with a 49 percent pick rate. 

Despite being almost completely banned, two players have still played Azami more than any other operator, FaZe’s Bullet1 and Wolves’ P4, who earnt SiegeGG Ratings of 1.22 and 0.91, respectively.

Zero plays on Villa

Villa, which has fallen drastically out of favour in many regions and was the second least played map at the Berlin Major, has yet to be picked after 16 maps. 

Conversely, Kafe has gone from the least to the most played. 

Out of 182 rounds played, 98 were won by the defence side -- a 53.84 defence win percentage. This is almost exactly the global average across all professional leagues.

Surprise lows

The lowest KPR so far has come from Loïc "BriD" Chongthep, who usually performs well by this metric, tied with his teammate, Olivier "Renshiro" Vandroux.

Evan "Kanzen" Bushore has the lowest entry record with five out of five deaths. 

Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff has the lowest survival in the league with just five percent.

Finally, Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens has the second-lowest kill differential as he earnt 10 kills to 20 deaths.


After one day, the four region's records are split, with EU and LATAM excelling.

Europe saw only Heroic lose as they were the weak link of the pack so far, while for Brazil both FaZe and Black Dragons lost. On the other hand, NA lost the majority of their matches despite all four rosters making improvements since Stage 2 and the Berlin Major.

Two Kapkan-mains

While Kapkan’s use and popularity has grown in recent seasons, the site of two separate Kapkan-mains is one firmly out of Year 1, when there were just 10 defenders to choose from. 

So far at this Major, both Yeti and Benjimoola -- notably both NA players -- have played this operator, earning overall Ratings of 0.78 and 0.94.

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