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JULIO officially leaves Ninjas in Pyjamas

After reports and speculation, JULIO is officially out of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Image via Ubisoft/@Kirill_Vision

According to an announcement from his Twitter account, Julio "Julio" Giacomelli will officially depart Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

"NIP changed my life and i just wanna thank for all this years of achievements and support. I wish the best of luck for the remaining players and i wanna thank you guys too for all the things we did and for the friendship we have. I’m a free agent at the moment looking for a team to play or coach. I wanna say thanks to the nip and all fanbases who were always very kind to me through all the years. Thank you so much! see ya [sic]," JULIO said in his Twitlonger.

The move was first reported by BLIX.GG's Rafael "Rafinha" Ferriera

The 28-year-old has been with Ninjas in Pyjamas core roster, then Black Dragons, since 2017. He was one of the longest-standing members of the roster, and was a crucial component of the team's Six Invitational 2021 victory. 

According to Rafinha, Ninjas in Pyjamas is targeting Diego “Kheyze” Zanello from w7m as a potential replacement, but the deal is taking some time to complete. Follow-up reports indicated that Kheyze will remain with w7m, and that Ninjas in Pyjamas is targeting Gustavo “Wizard” Gomes

The roster move is Ninjas in Pyjama's first move since 2019. JULIO claims that he is officially a free agent, open to offers. 

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