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Jönköping Major introduction video potentially teases new grenade

Is a new gadget on the way to Rainbow Six Siege?

It's Jönköping Major time! The best 16 teams in Stage 3 have gathered in Sweden to compete for a chance to win the final Six Major of the year. While the trophy is everyone's goal, some teams are still in the fight to confirm a Six Invitational 2023 spot. 

While the Operation Solar Raid Full Reveal is planned to take place tonight at 9:30PM CET (12:30PM PT), the Jönköping Major introduction video has potentially revealed information on a new gadget.

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Rainbow Six Siege's new gadget

The Jönköping Major introduction gives viewers a quick glance at what teams are competing at the event. It also focuses on the gadgets of some operators, especially on the different kinds of grenades found in Rainbow Six Siege.

Currently, four grenades can be used in Rainbow Six Siege, including the fragmentation grenade, the smoke grenade, the impact grenade, and the flash grenade. However, there's a fifth seen in the video.

For those wondering, that's not a fragmentation grenade. During the video, the fragmentation grenade appears as the initial gadget on the list, and the differences are very noticeable.

Who is Solis?

Solis is the new Rainbow Six Siege operator introduced with Operation Solar Raid. As we mentioned before, the full reveal will take place by the end of the first day of the Jönköping Major.

Not much has been revealed about Solis, but right now we know she is going to be a defender from Colombia. 

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