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Is it possible to lean in Rainbow Six Mobile?

Leaning is an essential movement in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Mobile is as exciting as it sounds. Having Siege in your pocket is something many players dreamed of. But, how close is the mobile experience going to be to the classic Rainbow Six Siege gameplay? 

For those who don't know, one of the most basic differences between Siege on PC and Siege on other platforms is console players not being able to lean without aiming. Not only that, but before the launch of the Y7S2.1 update, console players couldn't play on 90 FOV.

All of these small differences completely change how players enjoy Siege depending on the platform they play. This was probably taken into consideration when developers started to work on Rainbow Six Mobile. 

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Is it possible to lean in Rainbow Six Mobile?

Earlier today, Rainbow Six Mobile confirmed one of the player base's doubts: Yes, it will be possible to lean in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Players have welcomed the news with open arms. This is, without any doubt, a huge step in the right direction. Rainbow Six Mobile looks incredibly promising now.

How to lean in Rainbow Six Mobile

The video shared by Rainbow Six Mobile shows operators leaning while aiming, so it is still unknown if players will be able to lean without the need of aiming. But here is how to lean in Rainbow Six Mobile. 

Lean Slider

Lean Slider (Video: Rainbow Six Mobile)

Players will be able to lean using what the video calls "Lean Slider," making the player touch and move in the direction the weapon must be leaned. 

Edge Taps

Edge Taps (Video: Rainbow Six Mobile)

By tapping the edge of the screen, players will be able to lean instantly to the left or right. If you want to lean to the right, you just have to press the left side of the screen. It's the right side of the screen if you want to lean to the left.


Buttons (Video: Rainbow Six Mobile)

If that doesn't convince you, there's another way to lean. On the top left of the screen, players will find two buttons  — the one on the left makes you lean in that direction, while the one on the right makes you lean to the right.