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How to report in Rainbow Six Siege

There are a few ways to report troublesome players in R6 Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that heavily relies on teamwork and communication. For this reason, it can be very frustrating when teammates disrupt a match with toxic behavior or decide to leave during an intense competitive game.  

To improve your overall experience, you can avoid matching up with toxic players and cheaters (in theory) by reporting them. Players that break Ubisoft's Code of Conduct can be reported by players in-game. Here's how. 

How to report players in Rainbow Six Siege

Here is how to report a player during a match:

  • Open the scoreboard
  • Select the player you want to report
  • Choose Report
  • From there, specify the reason, like Report Cheating or Report Griefing

From here, you will receive a confirmation message on the top-right corner of the screen. This means you have successfully reported the player. 

You can also report cheaters and toxic players during matchmaking before the match or on the final scoreboard screen after the match. 

Common reasons players are banned in Rainbow Six Siege

There are many reasons why players may be banned in Rainbow Six Siege. These are the most common reasons players are reported.

Team Killing

Players will sometimes disrupt gameplay by purposely killing a teammate. This could also be the result of an argument or other disruptive behavior. 

When a player is reported for a team kill, developers will "continue to track team kills" to see if there are multiple offenses and figure out if the player did it maliciously. The duration of the suspension will be determined on a case by case basis. 


One of the biggest offenses in competitive matches is leaving a game. Players who purposefully disconnect from a ranked game will be temporarily banned. They will also receive a Renown or rank penalty. 


A common issue in most FPS  games is toxicity. Players can be reported for toxic behavior, since it violates Rainbow Six Siege's Code of Conduct. This is something that developers have been addressing since 2018, but it's unfortunately difficult to keep up with. 

What is Rainbow Six Siege's Code of Conduct?

Rainbow Six Siege's Code of Conduct addresses a variety of behavioral issues found in-game, including cheating and illegal behavior. One of the big topics within the Code of Conduct is toxic behavior. 

"Think IRL. Behind every avatar is a real person. All players should feel safe, welcome, and accepted in Ubisoft's communities and playspaces," developers wrote. 

For this reason, Ubisoft does not accept any form of bullying, intimidation, or hate. Ubisoft states that players can't use "hateful language" to target others, even offline. They also warn players not to "lose control." 

"It’s easy to lash out or give in when things get tense, but don’t let your adrenaline do the talking," developers said. 

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