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How to control Neurotoxin Levels in Nightmare Fog

Neurotoxin Levels take a bit part in Nightmare Fog.

Rainbow Six Extraction has brought us a new game mode called "Nightmare Fog," which promises the players another challenging experience. 

One of the reasons why it can be challenging is the Neurotoxin Levels.

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What are Neurotoxin Levels in Nightmare Fog?

Have you wondered what's inside the purple fog in Rainbow Six Extraction's new game mode? Well, it is known as the Nightmare Fog for a reason. 

Neurotoxin Levels show how much purple haze the operators have breathed. Moving around and breathing inside the fog will increase your Neurotoxin Levels, which will eventually cause many symptoms for you and your teammates.

What are the Neurotoxin Levels symptoms in Nightmare Fog?

High exposure to the purple haze will lead your Neurotoxic Levels to increase, which will cause you hallucinations, a loss of vision, and even a constant loss of health points. 

Neurotoxin Levels and symptoms are divided into the following:

  • 30% and above: Visual and auditory hallucinations start to pop up, difficult to tell the difference between unreal and real Archaeans.
  • 65% and above: Players start to experience changes in their vision.
  • 100%: Health Points start to drain. If you have reached this level, you must start thinking about a quick extraction.

Neurotoxin Levels are going to be a pain in the neck for the big majority of players — it's what makes this game mode a real challenge. You and your teammates must think of ways to keep the Neurotoxin Levels down, but how?

How to control your Neurotoxin Levels in Rainbow Six Extraction

You can reduce your Neurotoxin Levels if you follow the next steps:


Neurostims are going to be your best friends in Nightmare Fog! These will reduce the percentage, being this the cure to your hallucinations, which will also stop the loss of vision and even will put to an end that annoying loss of health. 

However, think of your teammates as well. Neurostims are always needed, but maybe someone else on the squad needs them more than you. Don't be selfish!

You can find Neurostims in special safe rooms on the map or in the Airlock. 


Droning is always important, but in this game mode is crucial. Droning first and knowing where and what rooms to push will prevent you and your teammates from spending too much time inside the purple haze. The less time you spend there, the smaller the Neurotoxin Levels will be. 

Avoiding gunfights

Avoiding useless gunfights with Archaeans will prevent you from spending more time than what is needed in the purple haze. And you know what that means, right? Although it sounds simple, it's very, very important. Pew-pewing aliens is cool, but that won't necessarily help you at succeeding in the Nightmare Fog.

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