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Helldivers 2 Viper Command Warbond: Release date, armor, weapons, and more

The next warbond is jungle-themed

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Now that a new month is underway, a new warbond called Viper Command is coming soon to Helldivers 2. This will follow the Polar Patriots warbond that was released at the beginning of May.

The new premium battle pass will be jungle-themed, meaning most of its content will follow this trend. We have gathered all the details you need to know if you are planning to acquire it.

Release date

The Viper Command warbond for Helldivers 2 is set to be released on Thursday, June 13 for both PS5 and PC players.

Just like previous passes, this new one will cost 1000 Super Credits and you'll have to buy and level it up to be able to use all of its rewards. Fortunately, the battle pass won't expire, meaning that you can complete it at your own pace.


Here is the trailer for the warbond, which shows its cosmetics, weapons, and armor:

Weapons and Utilities

The warbond introduces two weapons, with one of them being a variation of a gun that's already in the game and the other being completely new. Here is the full list of weapons and utilities:

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Credit: Arrowhead Studios

  • AR-23A Liberator Carbine (Primary weapon): A modified, shortened form-factor version of the Liberator that handles differently from the true classic, with a bit higher recoil, but faster handling that feels perfect for spraying and praying up close.
  • SG-22 Bushwhacker (Secondary weapon): A triple-barrel, sawed-off shotgun with two different firing modes, including one that fires all three barrels at once. This will be part of the secondary weapon category.
  • Throwing Knife (Utility)
  • Experimental Infusion (Utility): A new boost that gives your stims the added bonus of boosting your movement speed and reducing the damage you take for a short time.


The warbond also brings two new pieces of armor, the PH-9 Predator and the PH-202 Twigsnapper.

The predator armor is described as a cosmetic inspired by a veteran of the Viper Commandos who was said to have held off an entire Terminid brood with nothing but a machine gun, pocket knife, and Orbital Laser.

Other content

This battle pass also includes a new Viper skin pattern for the Shuttle, Hellpod, and Walker. The classic woodland and tiger stripe camouflage patterns were the main inspiration for these new skins.

Apart from everything mentioned, the pass also brings two capes, two player banners, three victory posses, a player title, and 300 Super Credits.

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Credit: Arrowhead Studios

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