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Helldivers 2: Players successfully liberate Troost, new Major Order

The Automaton menace is almost eliminated

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Troost has already been successfully liberated despite the Major Order arriving from high command only yesterday (March 28).

The order tasked players with capturing the Automaton deep-space comms array to reveal critical intel about their plans after discovering something called 'The Reclamation.'

Initially giving three days to complete the task of liberating Troost, the high command has issued a brand-new Major Order for Helldivers 2 players to work towards collectively.

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This latest task says that the most significant source of Automaton combatant production has been identified on Tibit, and liberating this planet will severely impact the enemy's force replenishment capacity.

Once again, the order to liberate Tibit has a three-day time limit. Given recent progress, it will be no surprise if players fulfill this order well within that timeframe.

As seen on the map below, posted by the X/Twitter account HelldiversAlert, the Automatons have only the tiny sector shown in red under their control after losing Troost. The Terminid faction, shown in orange, has been pushed back severely and their controlled sectors are also facing complete liberation relatively soon.

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Automatons seem to be the faction that the developers are pushing the community towards finishing off first, making it seem like there could be more to come from the successful liberation of the sectors the robotic faction currently controls.

In other Helldivers 2 news, the official Helldivers 2 account recently posted about the new variation of the SG-8P shotgun available in the Cutting Edge premium warbond; players were quick to comment, expressing their dislike for the weapon.

One user expressed that the weapon was "the worst gun in the game," and another said the items on the Cutting Edge warbond were "a waste of medals."

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