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Hell Let Loose Patch 14.8: new game mode Control Skirmish, El Alamein refresh, new weapons and armour, and more!

Hell Let Loose's Patch 14.8 is here!

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Hell Let Loose is here to stay. The fans' warm welcome has been followed by multiple updates by Cover 6 Studios and Expressions Games, who also revealed Hell Let Loose's roadmap for 2024.

Earlier today, the first part of the roadmap arrived at the game as various tweaks have already been released to Hell Let Loose with Patch 14.8. As expected, the community looks extremely excited to spend more in the game while discovering what the future holds for the game.

Here's everything you need to know about Hell Let Loose's Patch 14.8!

New game mode Control Skirmish

Hell Let Loose's new game mode is Control Skirmish. According to Hell Let Loose's official patch notes for Patch 14.8, Control Skirmish "allows players to get straight into the action and experience some of the core mechanics of Hell Let Loose with fewer moving parts."

While we are still talking of a 50v50 game mode, the time spent in the game will be less. This will improve the experience for those players who only want to hop on the game and have a quick match.

Both teams will have their side of the map and the goal will be controlling the middle side of the map, which will be considered neutral. The side who controls the neutral side of the map by the end of the game will win.

According to the official patch notes, there will be dedicated servers for it. "To support this, there will be dedicated servers on PC, running these Skirmish maps, 24/7, so they’re always available for you to join."

El Alamein map refresh

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El Alamein is getting a few tweaks with Patch 14.8. The changes include new vehicle routes, reducing the large amount of dead ends, and increasing the building placement by 300%.

Other improvements include some variations in the capture points. "We’ve also worked on the HQs and capture points to improve balance and gameplay."

Driel map update

With Control Skirmish, an update has been introduced to Driel as Underpass will become the neutral area of the map. New train cars have been added "to block overly long sightlines straight down the railway tracks."

New weapons

New British weapons have been introduced to Hell Let Loose, including:

  • No.4 Mk I Sniper
  • Sten Gun Mk V
  • Thompson 1928A1
  • No.82 Gammon Bomb

New armour

New armour has been introduced to Hell Let Loose, including:

  • Crusader Mk III (Medium Tank) for El Alamein
  • M3 Stuart "Honey" (Light Tank) for El Alamein
  • Churchill Mk VII (Heavy Tank) for Driel

DLC Uniforms

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Hell Let Loose will include two new DLC Uniforms, the Red Devils and the Polish Parachute Brigade. Unfortunately, players have to pay for both DLCs.

However, there's free content included too. The British 8th Army Bundle has been included as a free cosmetic as a thank you for the fans' support.

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