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Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap

There's plenty to look forward to

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Hell Let Loose is set to have a strong 2024 after Cover 6 Studios and Expression Games revealed the 2024 roadmap.

Hell Let Loose is a tactical first-person shooter that has been available since 2019. Despite being around for a while, the game has maintained a strong following of dedicated players which is why the developers keep in touch with the community constantly through the official subreddit where they share the latest news and updates.

Recently, the Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap was released by the developers, outlining their upcoming plans. Buckle up as we break down everything you can expect from the game for the remainder of the year.

Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap

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The developers shared an image that teases the Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap via the official subreddit. They added: "The content ahead represents a stable development plan and allows us to confidently meet targets, having learned from overly ambitious roadmaps in the past. Everything will be released across all platforms."

The roadmap image has a small note at the bottom, confirming that the list may not be final and that more content could be added if the developers trust it can be released this year with no delays.

There are no dates attached to any of the content mentioned, but at the very least, this is everything Hell Let Loose players can expect in 2024:

  • New game mode: Skirmish
  • New map: Mortain
  • Updates to the practice range
  • Console server browser
  • Changeable weather conditions and map variants
  • New British tanks: Churchill Mk VII, Crusader Mk III, and M3 "Honey"
  • Existing map refresh and time-of-day variants
  • British forces rework
  • New unannounced map
  • Winter uniforms refresh
  • Free and paid DLC

So there you have it. As soon as we know more information about the Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap, we'll be updating this article accordingly.

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