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Gunnar leaves Parabellum for another NAL team

Gunnar will be moving to another NAL roster.

Parabellum has announced the transfer of Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff to an unnamed North American League team meaning he will not compete for the Canadian organization during Stage 3.

Gunnar was the third-best player by SiegeGG Rating in his debut professional stage which caught the attention of teams around the scene. This performance allowed Parabellum Esports to rise to sixth place in the NAL as they missed out on the Berlin Major due to a head-to-head loss versus the Soniqs.

Gunnar will now leave the team, which opens a sizeable gap within the roster that Parabellum will look to get filled before the start of Stage 3 in September. Gunnar himself likely won't be announced on his new team until the transfer window officially opens on August 22nd, the day after the Berlin Major ends.