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Gray Zone Warfare: How to change factions

There is a way to change factions if you have a change of hearts

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Gray Zone Warfare, the new extraction shooter from Madfinger Games, asks you to pick a faction to be part of at the beginning of your journey. This decision influences who you can play with and it was impossible to change at launch.

However, the developers have implemented a way for users to be able to change factions with the latest update and we have prepared a quick guide about it.

How to change factions in Gray Zone Warfare?

The only way to change your faction in Gray Zone Warfare after selecting one is to delete your current character and create a new one.

To do that, you'll first have to go back to the main menu, where your current character is displayed. At the bottom right corner of the screen, there will be a "Wipe Character" button you can use.

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By selecting this option, your current character and all its progress will be deleted, so keep in mind that before committing. Once deleted, you can create a new character and select your new faction.

Which faction to choose?

At the time of writing, the game offers three factions to choose from: Lamang Recovery Initiative, Mithras Security System, and Crimson Shield International.

Apart from defining who you can play with, your spawn camp will also vary depending on which faction you ally yourself with. No other significant gameplay change has been discovered at the moment.

So the only thing you have to consider here is your preference, as you might want to choose the same faction your friends are playing with in order to party up and jump into Lamang Island together.

If you are still planning on buying the game, you can visit this page to check the minimum and recommend technical requirements your PC needs to meet to run the game smoothly.

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