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Gamers Without Borders - Everything You Need To Know

Gamers Without Borders starts this week!

Banner image: Ubisoft / Kiril B.

Following the conclusion of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen, the off-season has began. Now, all the eyes have rolled to Gamers Without Borders, as some of the best teams will compete in their regional tournament for charity and a spot at Gamers8.

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Gamers Without Borders

In Rainbow Six Siege, Gamers Without Borders is a charity tournament. The winner will be invited to compete at the Gamers8, which takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The teams could qualify for the Gamers Without Borders tournament via an invitation or online qualifiers.


The Gamers Without Borders is a single elimination bracket. This means that every game is do-or-die and teams have no second chances.

The semi-finals follow a BO3 format, while the grand finals follow a BO5 format.


Here's when Gamers Without Borders will begin in each region:


  • Semi-finals: May 11, 4 PM CEST (-2 UTC)
  • Grand final: May 12, 4 PM CEST (-2 UTC) 

Korea and Japan

  • Semi-finals: May 11, 1 PM CEST (-2 UTC)
  • Grand final: May 12, 1 PM CEST (-2 UTC)

South America

  • Semi-finals: May 14, 12 AM CEST (-2 UTC)
  • Grand final: May 14, 9 PM CEST (-2 UTC)

North America

  • Semi-finals: May 14, 3 AM CEST (-2 UTC)
  • Grand final: May 15, 1 AM CEST (-2 UTC)

Prize Pool

The prize pool for the Gamers Without Borders is the following one:

  • 1st: $300,000 USD
  • 2nd: $175,000 USD
  • 3rd and 4th: $75,000 USD

Gamers Without Borders - Teams

Here's a brief rundown of what teams will compete in this year's Gamers Without Borders:


Invited teams: Team BDS and WYLDE

Open Qualifier 1: Wolves Esports

Open Qualifier 2: MNM Gaming

The first two names to be unveiled were Team BDS and WYLDE. The Six Jönköping Major champions are the favorites to get Europe's spot at the Gamers8 despite their disappointing performance throughout the Europe League 2023 Stage 1. It's worth noting that Team BDS were crowned champions of the first edition of the Gamers8.

The Frenchmen's opponent in the bracket's semi-final will be MNM Gaming, who reached the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen quarter-finals. The marshmallows were kicked out by the eventual champions, w7m esports.

Meanwhile, Usain Bolt's esports organization WYLDE will play against Wolves Esports. The French-majority roster, who reached the Top 6 of the Six Invitational 2023, also featured at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen. However, the pack was kicked out of the competition after Phase 2.

Korea and Japan

Invited teams: CYCLOPS athlete gaming and SANDBOX Gaming

Open Qualifier 1: Talon Esports

Open Qualifier 2: Crest Gaming Lst

Like Europe, a team that didn't qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen is the favorite to get Korea and Japan's spot to play at the Gamers8.

CYCLOPS athlete gaming's defeat against NORTHEPTION at the Japan League 2023 Stage 1 Deciders prevented the roster from competing in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, the team will have a chance to redeem itself.

The Japanese's opponents in the semi-finals will be Talon Esports, who qualified for Gamers Without Borders after winning the first online qualifier.

SANDBOX Gaming, who were kicked out of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen following the team's defeat against MNM Gaming in the tournament's Phase 1, will play against Crest Gaming Lst.

South America

Invited teams: Team Liquid and LOS oNe

Open Qualifier 1: Ninjas in Pyjamas

Open Qualifier 2: TropiCaos

Team Liquid is back in action as the blue cavalry will face TropiCaos in the roster's first match since their 0-3 defeat against w7m esports at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen grand final.

Although it's exciting to follow Liquid's progress following their heartbreaking defeat in Copenhagen, Denmark, all eyes will be put on Ninjas in Pyjamas and LOS oNe.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and LOS oNe last met in the Brazil League 2023 Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifier's grand final in what was an insane showing from both teams. After a 5-7 defeat and two overtime victories, the Six Invitational 2021 champions defeated the orange roster and qualified for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen Phase 1. Will this week's match leave the fans breathless?

North America

Invited teams: DarkZero Esports and M80

Open Qualifier 1: beastcoast

Open Qualifier 2: West Garfield Park

Last but not least, two BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen Phase 2 teams will compete in North America's Gamers Without Borders tournament.

William "Spoit" Löfstedt's squad will face the Tier 2 roster West Garfield Park, which includes the former top-flight players of Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas and Nick "Snake" Janis. Although these are the two most notable members, the squad's core is built by members from the already extinct Reality TV.

Meanwhile, DarkZero Esports and beastcoast will face off for a spot at the Gamers Without Borders' North America grand final. The purple squad was kicked out of the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen Phase 2 following their 0-2 defeat against Team Liquid.

Gamers8 - Teams

The winner of each edition of Gamers Without Borders will qualify for Gamers8, which will be played in Jul. 2023. They will join the following teams, who have already been invited to the competition.

G2 Esports - The Six Invitational 2023 champions will be in Gamers8. After being crowned world champions for the second time, the Europeans finished in second of the Europe League 2023 Stage 1 following their 1-2 defeat against At the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen, G2 Esports fell against Team Liquid.

w7m esports - Starting from the bottom, now we're here. Back in 2021, the Brazilians were fighting to avoid relegation. A year and a few months later, the Bulls have qualified for every Siege major international competition played since May. 2022.

The Brazilians' results at international competitions have been astonishing as they reached the semi-finals of the Six Berlin Major and the Six Jönköping Major, and the grand finals of the Six Invitational 2023 and the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen. In Denmark, the Bulls were crowned international champions for the first time.

Team Falcons - The Saudi Arabian-majority roster impressed the viewers at the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen as they reached Phase 2. Although Falcons fell apart following the conclusion of the play-ins, the roster had a great international debut.

It will be Team Falcons' second appearance at the Gamers8, as they were invited to compete in last year's edition. Team Falcons pulled off some upsets as they defeated MIBR, TSM, and WYLDE. Eventually, the roster finished in second place as the players lost against Team BDS in the tournament's grand final.

Oxygen Esports - Oxygen Esports are North America's invited team. Although the green roster didn't qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen, the team showed great consistency during Year 7. 

Oxygen Esports began the 2022 season with a 3rd - 4th place finish at the Six Charlotte Major. Eventually, Astralis kicked them out of the tournament.

In Montreal, Canada, Oxygen Esports finished in third place in the Six Invitational 2023, with Ethan "Nuers" James becoming one of the best players in the region in his first season as a professional.


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