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FaZe Clan sweep w7m esports aside, set up grand-final versus Rogue

FaZe will aim to become the first team to ever win two Six Major events.

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FaZe Clan will meet Rogue in the Six Berlin Major grand-final as beat w7m esports in a repeat of the Copa Elite Six grand-final.

This gives FaZe the chance to win their second Major in less than a year and to reaffirm Brazil's Rainbow Six dominance.

Map 1 - Oregon

Despite this being w7m's map pick, FaZe Clan started off strong with Cyber, Bullet1, and soulz1 all getting a number of initial kills.

After two round wins, Jv92's effort got w7m on the board, before a soulz1 triple kill brought the game to a 1v1 where Bullet1 added another kill to his count with a headshot onto GdNN1.

By the halfway point the two teams were tied, as Kheyze had nine kills to three deaths. Astro, meanwhile, was 1-6 but hoped the increase the count on Zofia.

While Astro didn't add to it in round seven, this didn't slow FaZe down, as a flawless round took place in 10 seconds and included a triple kill from soulz.

A very competent round was won by each team as Kheyze became the first player to hit double figures.

Two rounds late,r FaZe got the defuser down in a 2v2 in a Meeting Room hold and a triple kill from Bullet1 won the map.

Map 2 - Kafe

Despite being FaZe's pick, w7m started off strong on Kafe as two initial round wins were halted due to a defuse only made possible by an Oryx dash.

The following round, FaZe won in another clutch -- this time a cameram4n 1v3 -- before the two teams ended their half, 3-3.

As FaZe started attacking, they seemed unstoppable despite w7m continuing to put up the numbers.

A double kill by w7m's two rookies gave them some relief, slowing down what would've been a FaZe win after four rounds.

At 4-6, overtime was the best w7m could hope for and two grenade kills from FaZe on the opening made this a desperate hope. W7m evened the man count back and soulz1 ran out of time to complete the 1v3 clutch despite a double kill.

As flashbacks of their quarter-final 8-7 map two loss versus FURIA came to mind, FaZe had one last round to stop the game going to overtime.

Despite Bullet1 team killing cameram4n with a grenade, a triple kill from Cyber brought the game down to a 1v3 for Jv92. But he could not deliver like cameram4n had and FaZe Clan won, 7-5.

FaZe Clan will now represent LATAM against Europe for the first time since the Season 8 Finals in Brazil. In that game, Kanto took the title away from the home team and FaZe will now want to beat Kanto on his home turf.

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